YouTuber Compared The Same Shade In Eight Different Foundations With Varying Results

As any makeup wearing individual will tell you, finding the right foundation shade for you can be tricky, to say the least. Having been wearing makeup pretty consistently over the last few years, I still can’t walk into a makeup store and leave one hundred percent confident that I’ve picked the perfect foundation shade for my skin.

There definitely had been a lot of trial and error, as some foundations may look like they’re the perfect shade but end up oxidizing later on and appear darker, or the color appearing different in natural sunlight than in the fluorescent lights inside the store.

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And the range of shades is also exhausting, both if it’s extensive or limited. However, having a lot of different shades to chose from can be overwhelming, but it’s still better than to be frustrated by not being able to find a shade that matches your skin tone because the shades are too limited.

In recent years, there’s been a lot of improvement on makeup brands’ side when it came to broadening their darker shade selection, as many of them would either feature a couple of darker shades or none at all. However, there’s still a way to go.

However, if a brand does have a range of darker shades, then chances are one of those shades is named “mocha”. This is something that a beauty influencer and YouTuber noticed, and decided to experiment with.

Jackie Aina is a 31-year-old YouTuber, whose posts are predominantly beauty-related. For one of her most recent videos, she decided to put a fun little experiment to the test. She took the aforementioned shade, “mocha” from several different makeup brands and decided to compare them all to each other.

Aina, 31, said: “I always wanted to see what would happen if I took a mocha from every brand out there that has one and compare them all together,” adding that this video had been requested of her a couple of years ago, and she is only now getting around to doing it.

Aina then began revealing which brands she’s chosen “seven, strong, very popular products” which she would compare side by side. The products included both high-end and affordable foundations, such as Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation and Almay’s Best Blend Foundation in (you, guessed it) shade mocha. She also put foundations from YSL, Too Faced, Revlon, Clinique, and Esteé Lauder to the test, comparing them side by side in her face, and even taking them down to her neck and chest to see how they apply.

First in the test were Maybelline New York and Almay, followed by YSL and Too Faced, Revlon and Clinique, and finally Almay and Esteé Lauder.

From all the brands, it was Too Faced that appeared to be the lightest for Jackie, whereas the Revlon foundation was too deep, with the other shades all differing from each other as well.

“What I find very weird about this experiment is not only are the colors very, very different from one another but even the undertones that they describe are completely different,” Jacke said a little into her video, adding: “Can we all just get, like, a mocha guidebook?”

youtuber comapred eight foundations same shade

So, what is the verdict? Well, despite the name, the shade “mocha” isn’t the same in all brands – far from it.

“I think we’ve learned here that foundations in one shade are not all universal, but it was fun to experiment and I want to do it again with other products,” Jackie said as she was ending the video, and told her followers to send her more suggestions for similar videos.

youtuber comapred eight foundations same shade

If you want to see Jacie try all the foundations in real time, and truly get a picture as well as her breakdown of each shade, then watch her video below:

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