YouTuber Tries Henna Freckles And The Results Were Not What She Expected

Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is difficult. One day there’s another and the other it’s something else. You are always wondering what’s going to be next. And they do get crazy. The internet’s obsession with freckles lately has been obvious. People are drawing dots on their faces resembling freckles with pencils.

Well, now people want it to be more permanent. They are trying henna freckles. Now, of course, out of all the beauty trends that have been going around henna freckles doesn’t seem as weird as you would think. People have done it and it seemed to have worked out for them.

However, this YouTuber wanted to see how it works for her and let’s just say the results did not turn out to be as planned.

Here is what happened.

henna freckles
Credit: YouTube/Naomi Jon

Naomi Jon is a German YouTuber and beauty blogger. After being inspired by  Instagrammer, @uglysxegirl she decided to see how will applying henna freckles work out for her.

@uglysxegirl explains the entire process in her original video, and steps by steps describing what she does:

I start with applying carrot oil on my face. I use GOLECHA henna cones in the shade red-brown. Then I apply it like shown in the video. Remove the henna when it’s fully dried. You can either remove it with warm water or just scrape it down.

She also states:

At the beginning, the freckles are very subtle but it will turn darker as the day progresses and the redness will fade.

henna freckles
Credit: Instagram/@uglysxegirl

However, when Naomi followed the instructions, it didn’t turn out the same. Even though she used the same products, applied it the same way. After wiping away the henna dots on her face, she sees that it turned out all bright pink. Not what you would expect right. When she saw what happened, she said:

I look like Chucky right now.

Naomi chose not to freak and she tried something to save the day:

This is a total disaster, but maybe I can save it if I put foundation on.

henna freckles
Credit: YouTube/Naomi Jon

However, that did not do much. It might have looked a little better than it was but you could still see the redness.

henna freckles
Credit: YouTube/Naomi Jon

Jon then proceeded to remove the freckles trying other ideas. She applied olive oil but it didn’t work either. After which she gave up and told her followers that she regretted ever doing it and she was going to cry:

I actually want to cry right now, I’m going to cry after I finish this video.

However, during the end, she tried to find the funny side of all of this and uploaded the video online, captioning it:

WELLLLLL, sometimes I make bad decisions. this was one of them.

Her followers seemed to find the whole tragedy rather comical, one of them commented:

I’m dying damn GAHAHAHHA.

Another one gave her advice for future references:

You used the emergency one, the emergency one is pretty dark and stains faster, you should have used the light ones, they would have looked natural, I hope you get it removed fast somehow.

Watch her YouTube video below.

Her experience can be a lesson for us too. You can always try the beauty trends if you are cautious and maybe try not testing on your face first.

What did you think of this beauty trend? Have you tried it?


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Source: Naomi Jon, Vt