Rapper Yung Joc Gets Portrait Of Tupac Shakur Shaved Into His Hair

People pay tribute to their favorite artists or idols in a variety of ways. Some may cover one of their songs, or choose to dress up as them (as Khloe Kardashian did at Diana Ross’ birthday party). Some might even get a tattoo dedicated to them but, looks like Yung Joc has found another, less permanent way to do that.

The rapper and producer recently got a very interesting and one-of-a-kind haircut: he had a portrait of the late, iconic rapper Tupac Shakur etched into his head! In 3D!

Jac took to social media this weekend to share his new hairdo, which shows the very detailed rendition of Tupak as his character, Bishop, from the 1992 classic movie, Juice. And I mean very detailed! The barber even took the time to add a “nose ring”, and left a piece of Jac’s own hair to serve as the late rapper’s flat top hairstyle. Joc remarks that he will have to pay attention to not ruin it since it’s on the side of his head and one scratch could ruin the image and his friends are heard marveling over it.


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Joc shared his new hair on Instagram, writing, “By the time y’all figure it out…. My Marketing Company will have already cleared $20 million….. Thank you,” in the caption.

On the other side of his head, he has the logo of TMZ for some reason…

Joc has played around with strange hairstyles before. In fact, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star is mostly known on the show for his hairstyles, as when he rocked this seemingly Usher-inspired look.


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In fact, he is such a hair enthusiast, he has even opened his own hair salon in Atlanta!


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He co-owns the salon, called Salon Eshelon, with his business partner and hairstylist, Sharonda and those who watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta may have seen its grand opening in one of the episodes.

Well, I guess we’ll have to stay alert to what hairstyle he will be debuting next…