The New Trailer Of “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” Displays The Serial Killer’s Evil Traits

The new trailer for “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile,” sees Zac Efron as he transforms into the serial killer, Ted Bundy, and it’s safe to say the trailer is much darker than the original teaser released back in January.

The first promotional clip showed the mass murderer shirtless in a romantic clutch with his wife Liz Kloepfler, played by actress Lily Collins, and was strongly criticized for its romanticized portrayal of Bundy.

However, in the new trailer, we see the killer in a much more manic, manipulative, and unnerving state, which displays Bundy’s evil traits.

Watch the trailer below.

The beginning of the trailer shows Bundy as he enters the prison visiting room to meet with his visiting girlfriend, Kloepfer. She asks him “Do you remember the night we met?” and the scene immediately cuts to the memory of a happier scene.

In another flashback, the serial killer is glancing to two smiling women, totally unaware of Bundy’s true intentions.

While photographers push each other aside to take the mass murderers picture, a voice in the archival studio can be heard saying “we’ve got a very disturbed, sick individual.”

The movie also stars John Malkovich who portrays the judge and appears to be disarmed by Bundy’s charming looks. He compliments Bundy’s look to which he replies “I’m disguised as an attorney today.”

We can also hear one of his lawyers telling Bundy that his trial will be nationally televised – a first in history.

zac effron ted bundy

As the trailer shows scenes of Bundy getting friendly with other women, his girlfriend calls out, wishing she could “take it all back.” And while Bundy is standing over the bed where an unconscious Kloepfer is laying, the judge can be heard on the soundtrack saying “the killings were extremely wicked, shockingly evil, vile.”

At the end of the trailer, we’re back again in the prison visiting room where Kloepfer is asking Bundy whether he did all those things.

“This is all going to end,” the serial killer replies when his girlfriend adds “it’s only going to end with the truth.”

zac effron ted bundy

When the first promotional trailer was released, people had conflicting opinions about it, with many saying the portrayal was sympathetic, and that it was disrespectful to the families of the victims.

zac effron ted bundy

However, others believed that Effron was the right choice, and the trailer shows exactly how the killer deceived women thanks to his charming smile.


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