Zac Efron’s New Hairstyle Has Left The Internet Divided

Since he shot to fame (and stole every teenage girl’s heart) in the early 2000s as the music-loving high school jock in High School Musical, we’ve seen Zac Efron rock a number of different hairstyles. From his early days side-swept longish hair, to his later crewcuts, textured spikes, and even faux hawks the man proved he could really pull off anything.

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A post shared by Zac Efron (@zacefron) on

In March, he even posted a picture of himself sporting what was all the rage in the 90s – frosted tips. I mean, yes that one was for a movie role, but he still owned it. The haircut and stripped beard were part of his role in Harmony Korine’s new movie, ‘The Beach Bum,’ where he stars as the character “Flicker” alongside Matthew McConaughey and Isla Fisher.

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Now he’s taken to social media to show off his latest hairstyle – dreadlocks. He posted a picture of himself rocking the new do on Instagram, with the caption: “Just for fun.”

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Now, whether it really is just for fun, or if it is again in preparation for a movie role, we don’t know, but it sure has left the Internet divided. While some are marveling at how the actor looks good in anything, others don’t really like the look on him, while another part is even accusing him of cultural appropriation.

“Gurl, you know better. It cultural appropriation; that said, I still love you,” wrote one user.

“Damn if he would’ve gotten dreads and appreciated the culture behind it, it would’ve been okay, but I don’t even think he knows the culture behind it, plus the caption; ‘just for fun’, so now culture is something to do for fun now?” chipped in another.



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Source: Eonline