Zayn Malik Dropped New Song In Which He Opens Up About Love And Broken Hearts

For all the benefits that fame has, I imagine it can sometimes be pretty frustrating. Especially seeing that they constantly have to deal with people who seem to have convinced themselves they have the right to comment on every aspect of a celebrities private life. However, famous people, as they have themselves embarked on this journey, accept all the things that come with fame. Even if that means that people will be analyzing, if not over-analyzing your every single move.

On Thursday, Zayn Malik dropped his latest track called ‘Fingers’. In the song, Malik sings about love and needing a certain someone. Zayn, who has been in an on-off relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid for three years, sings on the track:

F–ked and I want ya/Looked and I loved ya/Stuck, now I need ya/Hopin’ I’d see ya,

I’ve been f–ked and I want ya, I can’t even text ya/’Cause my fingers ain’t broken, but my heart is/If you wanna let me know where you hiding/I could come and love.

zayn malik new song
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Fans have been speculating about the dedication of the song, as Zayn later sings:

What did I tell ya? Typo said I loved ya/Didn’t mean what I was saying/No, I wasn’t playing, just confused/Was tryna play it smooth.

YouTube / zayn

Zayn and Gigi, who started their romance in Nov. 2015, called it quits in March but got back together about a month later. Although only about a month and a half has passed ever since they announced their breakup, it seems like the pair couldn’t take it any further.

Over the summer, a source told E! News that the 25-year-old singer and the 23-year-old supermodel are in a “much better place” in their relationship. Photographers seem to have followed their every move, and the snapshots are quite lovely, for all those Gigi & Zayn shippers out there!

zayn malik new song

The insider who spoke to E! News, said:

Gigi and Zayn are in a much better place since splitting. They needed the space apart for a bit and are now are giving things a second chance.

They are very happy together and everyone around them can see it.

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Source: Eonline