Photographer Took The Same Picture Of A Family For 22 Years

“The Family” is a project by London-based photographer Zed Nelson in which he takes photos of the same family from 1991 until 2013. Nelson, who was born in Uganda, graduated from Westminster University, London, with a degree in photography and filmmaking; he has gained international recognition and numerous awards as a documentary photographer, including the World Press Photo Award for Contemporary Issues and the World Press Photo Award for Daily Life.

The 52-year-old was inspired to start the innovative and creative project when the wife of one of his friends was nine months pregnant. Zed realized that it would be an amazing idea to photograph the couple with their baby soon after birth, and then every year, from then on, forever.


So he decided that he would take the pre-planned photos every year starting from 1991, on the exact same date and against the same backdrop. Zed even under the same lighting so there would be no distractions of any kind, only the proof of growing and aging.


It’s beautiful and bittersweet to see this family change over time. The kids will grow up, and the adults will get older. It’s the law of nature and there is nothing we can do about it except revel in its beauty.


In this video posted by Xandros nagi, you can see the family changing over the course of 22 years. It’s funny how you can notice the kid’s mood changing over the years.

Source: Xandros nagi