Tell Us Your Zodiac Sign, We Will Tell Which Hair Color Fits You More

You may wonder what’s the relation between your zodiac sign and the hair color. Well, folks, the time we were born, the universe and its celestial objects outside of Earth’s atmosphere were in particular properties, position, and motion, so the magic of Universe gave us some unique characteristics. Including the color which would express better our personalities.

So, whether you are a fiery and glamazon Leo, like me, or a passionate and dynamic Scorpio you have your own colors which encapsulate the energy of your astrological sign.

Wait no more and scroll down to see which what color you should dye your hair to match your zodiac sign. These unicorn colors will for sure make you stand out.


1. Aries

A fiery redhead for the first fire sign of the zodiac.


2. Taurus

Green for these sensual loving signs.


3. Gemini

As Mercurial Geminis known for their duality, why not try a great ombre mellow, yellow style?


4. Cancer

Soulful mix o silver and white for loyal and emotional cancers who are ruled by the moon.


5. Leo

What other colors would fit more to the powerful and royal Leo than golden?


6. Virgo

Unicorn emerald green goes to the second earth zodiac sign, Virgo.


7. Libra

Being the harmonizer of the zodiac, Libra is represented by the gentle balance of pink and blue colors.


8. Scorpio

An intense nature goes with a dark color. Therefore Scorpio’s power color is Dark Red Wine.


9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac, so what represents them the most is the twilight color: striking purple.


10. Capricorn

Metallic copper for the final earth signs of the zodiac.


11. Aquarius

Ruled by Uranus, which rotates in a different direction than all the others, the rebellious nature of Aquarius goes perfectly with blue.


12. Pisces

For the dreamy nature of Pisces, we have a shade of the sea aqua color.


Source: Ranker