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These Hacks Are Perfect For You Mothers-To-Be This Summer


Pregnancy is a tough thing as a whole, especially if it’s the summer. In the summer, it’s difficult to battle the heat combined with the extra weight of the offspring you’re carrying. If you fell pregnant not too long ago and you’re preparing for the summer, here are some pregnancy hacks that may come in handy.

These Hacks Are Perfect For You Parents-To-Be This Summer 1

1. Make your own maternity bottoms

Remove the pockets from your jeans and replace them with stretchable fabric for this hack.

These Hacks Are Perfect For You Parents-To-Be This Summer 1

2. Freeze your favorite snacks

To keep yourself cool, combine gummy bears with lemon flavored soda into your popsicle molds for a refreshing summer treat!

These Hacks Are Perfect For You Parents-To-Be This Summer 2

3. Nice cold bra

While you’re preparing your popsicle treats, throw your bra in their too. Your boobs will be kept nice and cool.


4. Breathe easily

A pair of breathable pregnancy knickers are absolutely perfect for the upcoming season.


5. Use coconut oil to prevent chafing

Rub coconut oil onto your skin to prevent your thighs from chafing, even if you’re outside and sweating for much of the time.


6. Make yourself a cooling neck wrap


7. Float in the pool

Cut a larger sized hole into your floatie so you can be comfortable while lounging on your stomach in the pool, while also cooling down your bump.

8. Bye bye swelling!

Grapefruit and lemon essential oils prevents feet from swelling.


9. Summer swelling

Submerging your feet in lavender and peppermint essential oils along with sea salt can also prevent them from swelling.


10. Tape it

Kinesiology tape lifts skin, promotes circulation and relieves pressure.


11. Mocktails!

Two ounces of cranberry juice, four ounces of coconut flavored carbonated water and one lime. Mix them all together, and you’ll be able to have a cocktail with everyone else without risking anything.


12. Cool down

Hold your wrists under cold running water where your veins are visible, that way you’ll provide a quick cool down for the entire body.


13. Morning sickness

Give this recipe a try.


14. Don’t flip cause you’ll flop

Don’t wear flip flops all summer cause that can screw up your back and feet, so it’s a good idea to invest in appropriate footwear.


15. Spray it

Keep a spray bottle at hand filled with cool water for an emergency cooldown.


16. Apple cider vinegar

The acetic acid in this vinegar reduces heartburn.


17. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated in the last trimester, as dehydration can lead to contractions and that can trigger premature labor.



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