MetDaan is a digital media company encompassing writers, storytellers, video producers, animators, creators and curators relentlessly investigating and celebrating beauty, fashion and entertainment content with the aim of driving the cultural conversation on the digital scene.
Through its pace of dissemination and its reach, social media has become a massive tool to build bridges among people across borders, cultures and bringing down barriers. This is why MetDaan has become a firm fixture in the daily lives of women, currently the largest digital lifestyle hub with over 100 million women, averaging 2.3 billion video views monthly and millions of magazine readers.

Our MISSION is to empower all women to explore their own creativity and live their best lives by creating and distributing content for the digital scene. We believe that media, when deployed properly can put information and entertainment to best use, pave the way for building empathy, inspiration and understanding. We believe in the power of starting small to reach big goals.

A digital lifestyle hub.

Through best in class content and the understanding of social media platforms, we have reached unprecedented growth of over 100 million+ active followers cross-platform.

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