Who Are We?

A short version of that answer would be that we’re your guide into the world of beauty products.

However, we are all about explanations and reviews, so let’s dive into a broader one. We launched MetDaan because just like you, we always want to know if the newest product is worth the hype and how it fits our skin type. With so many beauty products hitting the market every day, it’s hard to tell which one will make our skin glow and our eyes pop. There are many iconic stars making their debut in the beauty world, and our team of writers and editors are dedicated to guiding you through them and making them easily accessible. Our team has been part of the beauty industry for years, and many of them pursued it as a lifelong passion.

We understand that although beauty isn’t a ‘one size fits all’, it is all-inclusive. There is a perfect product out there for you, no matter your skin tone, hometown, income, taste, and hair type. Whether you’re an engineer or a model, there is a place for you in our beauty community.

There’s a red shade for every taste, and we live by that. However, beauty is not all selfies and professional make-up. So, if you’re on the look-out for a perfume you will swear on or a mask to get that refreshing glowy look, we are here to try them for you!

So, stay with us, juggle through our suggestions, and maybe leave with an item or two. Who knows? Maybe you’ll finally find your dream concealer!

Editorial Guidelines

Here at MetDaan, our mission has always been to bring the beauty world to you and making shopping a pleasure. There’s beauty in and all around us, and sometimes we need a little help to see it. There are many layers to beauty—our skin, our eyes, the way we talk, our identity, and many others—and we are here to instruct you on how to make them shine!

Our goal is to serve as an inspiration to everyone who wants to dip their toes in the beauty universe. We feel it is our duty to keep readers up-to-date and share our opinions and thoughts. Our principles contain making everyone feel included, giving reliable information, and transparency.

Write For Us

Love writing about beauty? We’re looking for people to contribute guest posts to the MetDaan blog and share their love for all things beauty, whether that is skincare, haircare, or cosmetics! To get started, just email us with a little bit of information about yourself and three topics you have in mind. We’d love to have you onboard!

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us by emailing [email protected].

MetDaan is part of the MetDaan Media publishing family.

The MetDaan Team

Vanessa Lown

VP & General Manager

Vanessa is known for her strong will and determination, which has, in turn, paved her way through the industry. Along with that, she has the talent to help things run smoothly and an eye for beauty.

Vanessa’s passion and hard work are evident in her work every step of the way. With nearly 15 years of experience in the beauty industry and media, she now manages MetDaan and serves as an inspiration to all women in the industry.

With work experience as long as hers, Vanessa has certainly made a name for herself by working as an editor in beauty and lifestyle magazines. Not only that but, she also gave her tribute with reviews in some fashion magazines over the years. Shortly after that, she turned to the digital world of the beauty industry.

Vanessa graduated with a BA in Sociology.

Lia Bryer

Editorial Director

Originally from New York, Lia joined the MetDaan family to pursue the lifelong dream of working in the beauty industry. Before that, she paved her way as an editor in lifestyle and food magazines.

Before moving on to the magazines, Lia tried to make her way in the world of journalism. Although, after trying out in some lesser-known newspapers, she decided that it wasn’t her dream and chose to follow a different path. A path which ultimately led her to pursue her passion of working with beauty products.

Lia graduated with a degree in Journalism.

Nora Vega

Senior Editor

Nora has followed her love of helping women decide what’s best for their skin, and finding the best products available for them. Although her career initially started with creative writing and guest appearances on beauty brands’ websites, she’s now a senior editor at MetDaan.

For the longest time, Nora has followed a free-lance career in creative writing. Additionally, she tried modeling for a couple of years in her early twenties, but that didn’t seem the right fight for her.

Nora holds a degree in Creative Writing.

Mia Balint

Senior Editor

Mia has, for a long time, worked in the digital marketing industry. However, she always had her eye on make-up and innovative products. Before joining MetDaan, she considered following the make-up artist career.

Although Mia always had a passion for beautiful and innovative things, her first experience in the field came long after she started working. She first started as a social media manager for local companies, and then moved on to blogging. Not long after that, she joined the MetDaan team.

Mia graduated with a Journalism minor and major in Social Media Marketing.

Keira Diel

Associate Editor

Keira is obsessed with all natural products that accompany beauty. She joined MetDaan to give her contribution to reviews of the industry’s best-sellers.

Not long before joining MetDaan, Keira worked as a social media strategist for a fashion and beauty magazine in Brooklyn.

Keira graduated with a degree in Communication Arts.

Ana Lee

Senior Editor, Commerce

Ana had a love for fashion and beauty from a very young age, yet she didn’t turn focus to it until many years later. In her teenage years, she was more interested in being an investigative reporter. Although, soon after she had her first job in the digital world of fashion, she realized her heart was in the beauty industry and that’s where she wanted to make a career.

Ana used to work in local newspapers in her hometown, Denver. Apart from that, she also used to be a social media manager at a DIY fashion site, before moving to MetDaan.

Ana holds a degree in Communications and Journalism.