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Shridhar Chillal, an octogenarian from Pune, India had the record for the world's longest nails after

From the runway to the main street, nail art has emerged as a democratic form of

Have you ever wanted to know what is it like to milk a cow? I have.

The meaning behind the word 'manicure' has been altered over the past years. What used to

If there is one thing I am really proud of is my nails. I know it

Back in high school, I never really cared about my nails or how my hands look.

Nail biting when you are stressed or bored is truly the worst habit you can develop.

Anyone who practices air-drying their hair knows about finger-combing, a technique useful for detangling hair. But

I bet you already are familiar with the Nail Art Studio & Beauty, Nail Sunny, based