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Big hair changes reflect a bold personality. Changing your looks often can make you feel more

Summertime is knocking at our doors (knock-knock - I hear the rays of sun in the background

Same as a good outfit, the way our hair looks often tends to affect our mood

Every once in a while, we want to spice things up in our lives. And is

Grey hair comes with age. Nobody can escape this phenomenon. However, lots of women nowadays are embracing their natural grey hair. Daenerys Targaryen style. natural grey hair Jessica Lnenicka is a photographer from Seattle. She enjoys pulling her hair up into a cute sleek ponytail and looks beautiful in it.

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// Marci Beighley is proud of her hair. Her style is a pixie cut. A perfect fit. Concerning her hair, Marci said:

I started going gray as a teenager. It was a big hit in art school! I decided to dye my hair after having my second baby girl because I felt tired and was afraid my gray made me look tired too. It didn’t take long for me to realize it was a mistake! I’m 36 now with a full head of silver! I adore my gray and will never dye again!

Throughout times, people have worn their hair in a wide variety of styles, largely determined by

Spoiler alert: Bob is not the most popular haircut of the moment. It seems crazy to

Whenever in the mood for a transformation, opt for your hair. In my personal point of