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7 Tips On How To Have Healthy Hair Growth

7 Tips On How To Have Healthy Hair Growth

7 Tips on how to have healthy hair growth. The hairstyle is an essential part of our look, so it’s not surprising that everyone would want to have healthy, thick hair, and look like a celebrity. Unfortunately, most people struggle with various conditions or don’t have the proper knowledge about hair care. So, you might be wondering if there is anything you can do to make your hair grow faster and stronger. Maybe some medical treatments, vitamins?

Actually, there are ways to grow your hair faster at home. Whether it’s about changing your routine, using different accessories, or adding more vitamins to your diet, some secrets and remedies will make your hair healthier. Learn more about it in the article below:

Regular Cuts

Though it may seem counterintuitive, trimming your hair often can help you grow it longer and thicker. While haircuts won’t help you speed up the process, they help to get rid of split ends, making your hair look smoother and shinier. You can trim your hair at home or go to a professional stylist. Just remember that you have to use professional hair shears, not kitchen scissors, if you want to do it yourself. If you can’t choose the right ones, check out the Japanese Steel Scissors and Shears Guide provided by ScissorTec.

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Food and supplements are significant factors you may want to evaluate. Studies showed that consuming enough omega 3 fatty acids helps prevent hair loss.

Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin, and it will improve the blood circulation in your scalp resulting in the prevention of hair loss. Vitamin B, also known as Biotin, can help you deal with the thickness of your hair. A Vitamin B deficiency can lead to hair thinning, so make sure that you eat a lot of spinach, eggs, or oatmeal. If you have trouble adjusting your diet, you can always consult with a medical dietitian or look for the best wellness center in your area that provides help with dietary plans.


You should consider skipping shampooing from time to time. Using shampoo every day may damage the natural oil layer and cause dry hair. The scalp will also be dried out, which can result in dandruff problems. Moreover, it is best to use cold water instead of hot, as it causes your hair follicles to be tightly locked up.

Heat Styling

To grow your hair faster, you may need to give up on heat styling for a while. According to experts, a lot of hair damage is caused by hot tools like a blow dryer or a hair straightener. Wet hair is incredibly delicate, so blowing it with very hot air can make it weak. If you really want to use them, make sure that you have your heat protectant on your hair. Treat your hair with the utmost care so it will be glamorous and healthy.


Tips on how to have healthy hair growth include brushing. Something as simple as brushing can obstruct your hair growth and cause hair breakage, especially if you have curly hair. It is recommended to use a wide-tooth comb because it won’t separate the natural hair strands. A regular, dense brush will make your hair frizzy and dry. Moreover, always detangle it from the bottom up. Otherwise, you will start to lose hair faster than it can grow.

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Hair Masks

If you want your hair to grow faster, try making your own DIY hair masks for deep conditioning. You can use coconut oil, argan oil, bananas, yogurt, etc. Mix it all in a bowl and put on your hair once a week for about 30 minutes. For better effects, you can wrap your head with a towel and leave it overnight. As a result, natural oils will penetrate your hair, hydrate it, and replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft, as well as seal the outer cuticle.


Tips on how to have healthy hair growth, Satin and silk sheets can reduce friction and prevent hair breakage. According to Jesleen Ahluwalia, M.D., silk is easier on hair, as it helps avoid tangles and breakage. The least damage your hair experiences, the faster it will grow. Additionally, you can tie your hair up in a loose ponytail or bun so that it won’t be sliding and tingling all over your pillow.

The Bottom Line on Tips on how to have healthy hair growth

Tips on how to have healthy hair growth, stimulating hair growth is a challenging task. However, there are things you can do to give your hair the shine it deserves. It’s not easy to use shampoo less often or applying conditioner more often. However, after a while, you won’t be able to imagine doing it differently. Brush your hair under a shower, use heat only when necessary, take care of the skin on your scalp, and it will benefit your particular hair health and care routine. You will enjoy stronger hair, and at the same time, your body will be healthier.

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