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Maintaining Clear Skin and Fighting the Signs of Aging

Maintaining Clear Skin and Fighting the Signs of Aging

Maintaining clear skin is definitely not an easy task, and if you’re dealing with both wrinkles and pimples, you’re not alone. The combination of adult acne and aging skin is a more common occurrence than you might think. In fact, more than 26 percent of women and 12 percent of men in their 40s reported that they experienced acne while more than 15 percent of women and more than 7 percent of men in their 50s reported that they experienced acne, according to WebMD.

Skin Aging
Skin Aging

It can be frustrating to deal with the combination of breakouts and wrinkles. Products designed to fight acne alone are often too drying for adult skin. On the other hand, oily moisturizers leave a heavy residue on the skin, which in turn frequently triggers breakouts.
Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to choose between getting rid of adult acne and maintaining smooth, youthful skin. Integrating adult acne skincare into your regular skincare routine is relatively simple. It’s a matter of choosing products that maintain vital hydration while clearing away dead skin, old makeup, and other contaminants.

Causes of Adult Acne

Many of the same triggers of teen acne also contribute to adult acne: hormonal changes, certain foods (especially dairy products), and lax skincare habits. However, beauty products that can cause clogged pores are a common culprit associated with adult acne. As a result, while teen acne is often associated with surface blackheads and whiteheads, adult acne often appears as deeply embedded cysts. Therefore, adult acne products should also focus on clearing clogged pores.

Reducing the Signs of Aging

As mentioned above, adult acne is frequently accompanied by wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. Therefore, a skincare routine for acne should also work to correct skin aging. Specifically, products should work to clear away makeup, pollution, and other contaminants effectively, without ingredients that cause excess drying of the skin. Moisturizers should provide vital hydration without weighing the skin down with heavy ingredients that can clog pores and trigger acne breakouts.

Maintain an Effective Skin Care Routine

Maintaining a balance between removing acne-causing impurities and maintaining proper hydration to minimize wrinkles can be a challenge. Products that are recommended for teenage acne are often too harsh for adult skin, especially mature skin of people in their 40s, 50s, and beyond. Vigorous scrubbing and oil-stripping can accentuate wrinkles and actually make acne worse by spreading impurities across the skin. Look for an acne face wash specifically formulated to clear adult acne and reduce the visible signs of aging.

Clear, Smooth Skin at Any Age

The aging process affects every aspect of the human body, including the skin. Skin changes that occur with aging are associated with hormonal changes as well as stress, pollution, and beauty products that can cause clogged pores. Along with causing lines and wrinkles, these factors can also result in adult acne.
While dealing with the combination of aging and acne can be frustrating, an effective skincare routine, along with products designed for adult skin, can eliminate adult acne while maintaining a smooth, unlined complexion. Along with common sense strategies such as a healthy diet and exercise, the right skin care regimen can help maintain clear, smooth skin at any age.

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