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6 Best Drugstore Toners You Need to Try

6 Best Drugstore Toners You Need to Try

Toner is that extra step in the daily skincare routine that double cleanses, removes impurities (even those you thought was gone when you washed your face), and preps the skin so that your other products work better for the best results of your skincare.

You have to pay attention to the ingredients and pick the right toner for your skin type. They are usually formulated with simple and active ingredients that penetrate better on damp, prepped skin. Some toners even exfoliate, leaving you with a beautiful glow.

Taking into account all the things mentioned, I have rounded up the best drugstore toners that have safe ingredients and target the problems you are aiming for. These will help you achieve glowing, soothing skin clear of blemishes—without breaking the bank.

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