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Foil Hacks AND MORE To Solve Everyday Problems

Foil Hacks AND MORE To Solve Everyday Problems

Trying to fix little things is sometimes the biggest issue of all time! If you’re using aluminum foil around the kitchen only, then you’re limiting its uses. You can do some amazing foil hacks to solve everyday struggles!

Getting creative is super easy with the right life hacks, whether you’re struggling with ear burning while doing your hair, or even period cramps!

In the scroll below, we have listed various hacks which will save you money, energy and most importantly, time!

1. Ear Protecting Foil Hack

Hair straightening is so much fun, until… until ear burning happens! We have got the solution for that the next time you want to straighten your hair yourself. All you need is two square pieces of foil to wrap your ears. Don’t worry about ear burning one more time!

 Ear Protecting Foil Hack

2. Period Cramps Healing With Foil

Period cramps are not fun AT ALL. They give you such a hard time and when you are around that time of the month, you desperately want a way OUT! To soothe the period pain, you can wrap your belly with foil to keep it warm!

 Period Cramps Healing With Foil

3. Cold Feet Heating

Aluminum foil is the trick for when you want to get parts of your body warm. You can use it for your feet as well!

Cold Feet Heating

4. Dull Face Fixing

Struggling with dull face? Here’s how you can fix it in some very simple steps. Cut a tin foil sheet into a face mask, let it sit on the freezer, then it’s ready to use for 10 minutes on your face! The cold foil revitalizes skin.

 Dull Face Fixing

5. Using Phone With Gloves

We all go through this every winter we have to wear gloves! Not being able to use your phone during winter time because of the cold or gloves, must be one of the most annoying things EVER. Have you ever thought of using foil around your fingers, though? It works WONDERS, and you’ll never have to stop using your phone when you need it!

Using Phone With Gloves

These are some of the tin foil hacks for everyday life struggles. Find more life hacks in the video above and let us know what you think.

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