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Amazing Beauty Hacks & Fixes For You To Try

Amazing Beauty Hacks & Fixes For You To Try

You spend a lot of time on your appearance. You take care of your skin, you style your hair and you try to always look put together. But there are some little beauty hacks that can make those few minutes in the morning go a lot smoother, and get you out the door with more confidence!

You’ll be able to get the best results with only using household products! I know it sounds too good to be true but you’ll have to trust the process!

In this video we’re going to share some top beauty hacks for looking great, without spending too much time or money! Have fun going through the scroll.

1. Lemon hack for armpits

In case you ran out of stick deodorant, and there’s nothing that can do the job, try scrubbing lemon around armpits as a substitute!

Lemon hack for armpits


2. Baby hair flyaways

Yes, yes… We all know the struggle of little hair making your head look like it’s a bush. To avoid this from happening, spraying down a brush with hair spray, and brushing the little hair all the way up, will do the trick!

Baby hair flyaways 


3. Dark circles hiding method

Ever had dark circles under your eyes, like you’ve been up partying all night? If that’s the case, learn how to get rid of dark circles for the day by using a red lipstick. It actually works like magic since red color neutralizes the colors you’re hoping to cover. Beauty experts swear by this trick!

Dark circles hiding method


4. Matte lips hack

Regretting shiny lips right after you got them, is most of the time THE CASE. Worry not and apply some loose powder with a brush over the shiny area to get that matte finish!

Matte lips hack


5. DIY mascara

Let’s see how to make DIY mascara in some very simple and easy steps. We’re mixing activated carbon and coconut oil with a brush, then applying it with a toothbrush. Bonus: You can also use this as an eyeliner!

DIY mascara

These were only some of the quick and easy ways to feel good about yourself on even the busiest of days! These beauty hacks will help you achieve just that.

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