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Great Ways To Enjoy Roses In Different Uses

Great Ways To Enjoy Roses In Different Uses

If you think roses only usage is to add beauty to your garden, then, you’re not entirely wrong. While that is definitely true, roses usage goes far beyond aesthetics!

Roses and their petals can be used for so many purposes, such as medical use, culinary purposes, cosmetics etc. The ones we listed are only some of the basic uses of these admired flowers one can think of, but, there’s more.

Basically, we’re trying to prove that there are more ways to use roses, rather than in a bouquet! In this scroll, we outline some ways you can put roses to good use!

1. Roses in nail designs

Roses make such a great design for nails. Whether the nail lady paints them realistically on the nail ‘canvas,’ or actually uses a real petal to do your nails, they look stunning on nails. Putting a petal or two under the gel, and finishing it off with some rhinestones, is just about perfect. Maybe you should try this idea on your next nail appointment!

Roses in nail designs

2. Dress sketching design

If you want to win your client’s heart and make the dress you’re planning out for them, look gorgeous, try adding some roses and their petals for a realistic effect. I bet they’re going to simply LOVE the dress after having it visualized on paper like this!

Dress sketching design

3. Hairstyle creation with roses

For what we know, low buns are very simple and pretty perfect for special occasions. Trying to add a fine elegance to it is done in some simple steps by simply arranging a couple of roses around, accompanying with beads at the bottom. Get ready for some compliments here!

Hairstyle creation with roses

4. Atelier decoration with sketches

Designer’s atelier studios are known for the extra decorations. This might be a really cute way and a great additional for a better looking working studio, especially if you’re into clothes designing! Clients will surely be so impressed with the idea!

Atelier decoration with sketches

5. Color combination in dresses

Trying on color combinations before buying, or sewing down a dress, is a must. It’s best when you see the colors close to one another, to know whether or not that is a good combo. To do that, simply bring different colored roses and make the best decision.

Color combination in dresses

These were only some of the roses usage ideas, as you can see there are lots of unusual ways to enjoy roses. Find more in the video above!

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