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10 Best Black Nail Polishes For a Vampy Look

10 Best Black Nail Polishes For a Vampy Look

Black and dark nail colors, in general, look chic, are versatile, so they go along with almost any outfit and make you look put together without trying too hard. And if you think that plain black is a little intimidating, there are polishes with sparkles and glitters to make it fun.

Other glitters and holographic polishes get much more accented if you put a black color underneath. Black nail polish can be used as a base color and for nail art, so it can’t be runny or hard to work with or have a formula that tends to stain your natural nail.

I have rounded up the best black nail polishes that are easy to use and do not take a lifetime to dry. Depending on what you like, you can opt for polishes that have a glossy finish that looks just like a gel manicure or satin and matte finishes for a more toned-down look.

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