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Mother Gets Honest About Postpartum Body


It’s no secret that women and their bodies change whenever they fall pregnant. Not many women who haven’t been pregnant can understand the magnitude of changes that your body can go through during pregnancy, but this mother certainly went through a lot of changes, and claimed that her body was “broken in ways I did not know my body could break.”

Brave blogger Julie Bhosale shared on the internet how her body changed during and after her pregnancy, and for those women who are looking to get pregnant, it’s definitely an eye-opener and a kick to prepare themselves, as it’s not exactly a walk in the park.

Even though this pregnancy story was shared all the way back in 2015, it’s still viral, and it’s easy to see why.

Mother Shows What It's Really Like To Be Pregnant And Makes Pregnant Women Feel Better About Their Bodies 1

Julie is candid in her body abilities before and after pregnancy. Bouncing back after giving birth is not always the case for new mothers.

‘Before I had children I would run marathons for fun…yes for fun – just wake up, find an event and run…I could barely walk to the letter box and I could not pick up my 2-year-old.’ recalls Julie.

‘You can still look and feel like you have a watermelon (or two) inside you. It is often sort of lumpy and squishy too,’ she explains regarding how the pains don’t stop even after the pregnancy.

Mother Shows What It's Really Like To Be Pregnant And Makes Pregnant Women Feel Better About Their Bodies 2

For those mothers-to-be that think they’ll get their washboard abs back after giving birth, they’re in for a surprise.

The picture above shows Julie at 37 weeks pregnant on the left, and on the right, just a couple of hours after giving birth. The bump needs some time to go down.


She then goes on to explain how A-cup breasts can grow to massive proportions after a woman falls pregnant.

‘What’s more these puppies are ON FIRE and I still don’t know how to bloody use them. Show me that breastfeeding video one last time and I will tear the television from the wall socket – it is not helping,’ she said regarding the matter.’


Two weeks after giving birth, and still with a big big smile on her face, her belly slowly started to slowly go down.


And finally, this is her ten weeks after the birth, finally back to normal.


Even though these images may look a little bit off-putting for women who want to have a baby, Julie shared these photos to get pregnant women feeling better about their bodies, before or after birth, as no woman should be ashamed of her body.


What’s more, according to Julie, it was totally worth it to go through all the pain and undignified episodes of pregnancy.

‘I may never run a marathon again, don’t think my pelvic floor would survive, but I will run the parenting marathon day in and day out, my boys are so darn worth it – my god are they’re worth it!!’

We salute Julie and her valiant effort to make pregnant women feel better about their bodies.


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