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16 Special Women Who Challenge Our Ideas Of What Is Beautiful

16 Special Women Who Challenge Our Ideas Of What Is Beautiful


What’s beautiful is in the eye of the beholder, they say. And today we’re going to put that to the test, or let’s say, show that it’s true.

Conventional beauty is exactly what the name says – conventional. Which means it’s sort of a “mainstream” idea of what’s beautiful, of who’s handsome, of who’s pretty… But there is a lot more besides that. As there are many genres of music besides pop, there are also many types of beauty out there. Actually, perhaps infinitely more.

Thanks to Design World (and Providr), today we’re raising awareness about unconventional beauty. Here are 16 women who probably don’t make the “conventional beauty” list, but are nonetheless still captivatingly beautiful.

1. Ilka Bruhl

She suffers from a condition called ectodermal dysplasia, due to which she was never thought of as beautiful. But it was exactly because of that that she made it her task to remind everyone that they’re beautiful.


Source: Instagram @ilkamiilk

2. Sophia Hadjipanteli

A model from Cyprus, she got infamous for her unibrow. But since then, she’s become famous.


Source: Instagram @sophiajadjipanteli

3. Swantje Paulina

Some people actually think freckles make people ugly. I find that unbelievable because I love freckles! Swantje was judged due to her freckly face, but she is now popular with more than 200,000 Instagram followers.


Source: Instagram @swalina

4. Dru Presta

The problem? Her height. But it’s not a problem anymore, because she became a model, even though she’s just 3 feet 4 inches tall.


Source: Instagram @g0lden.bebe

5. Mikayla Holmgren

She’s the first winner of a USA Pageant diagnosed with Down Syndrome – Mikayla became Miss Minesota. She won 2 awards and has been an inspiration to many people since then.


Source: Instagram @mikholmgren_inspiring_others

6. Em

She’s one of the few models with vitiligo in the world. She still isn’t sharing her real name, but this woman is really something.


Source: Instagram @tru_origin

7. Tabria Majors

She is a plus-sized model and owns it. Women like her have really helped a lot of women feel better about themselves.


Source: Instagram @tabriamajors

8. Lotte Zuidema

Maybe most people would not find her beautiful, but photographers absolutely love her charisma and individuality.


Source: Instagram @loteezuidema

9. Aleece Wilson

“I never thought I was pretty enough to be a model because I never saw models who looked like me,” she once said. But, since then she’s actually done it, and has walked for big fashion names like Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang.


Source: Instagram @oddfreckles

10. Laura Lind

She’s a model for Unique Models, a modeling agency that strives for diversity and alternative perspectives when it comes to beauty.


Source: Instagram @lauralind

11. Simone Thompson

Her attitude is what made her what she is today – a super successful model for a bunch of fashion brands, like Fendi, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Puma and many more.


Source: Instagram @slickwoods

12. Coralie Jouhier

Her unique look has gotten this twenty-year-old a lot of attention, both positive and not so positive. But she’s embarking on a career in the modeling world, and we wish her luck!


Source: Instagram @coraliekory

13. Arina

What was it they said about flaws in Game of Thrones? “Wear them like an armor and you will never get hurt.” Well, this Ukrainian model took what is usually considered a flaw – her ears – and turned it into a beauty feature.


Source: Instagram @im.arinari

14. Luna Schulze

Ahhh, the teeth gap. There’s so many of us who have it! But it looks so charming so many times. Luna is another model for the Unique Models agency.


Source: Instagram @lunschulze

15. Ashley Sotto

She was 12 when she was diagnosed with vitiligo, and due to it she was rarely considered beautiful. But Ashley got older, overcame a lot of challenges, and is now honoring her body.


Source: Instagram @radiantbambi

16. Seana Steele

An activist for the Body Positive Movement, Seana is new to modeling but is doing rather well. Plus, she has an acting career lined up too. You go, girl!


Instagram @seanasteele
Source: Providr
From: designworld

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