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16 Of The Weirdest Things You Will See On The Internet

16 Of The Weirdest Things You Will See On The Internet


The Internet is a bottomless pit when it comes to weird and bizarre stuff. Be careful as there is a lot of scary spooky and gross stuff on the world wide web. There sure are some funny sorts of people out there in the world but imagine in the online world where everything is anonymous. It’s a never-ending gift.

And if you think you’ve seen everything and have a thick skin by now, just keep scrolling to see some extra weird stuff in this list compiled by Diply.

1. You can’t get food poisoning from raw chicken

After all it’s not salmon. *facepam*


Source: Reddit | C3POllie

2. This is what your nightmares are made of

I would never believe that children and dogs could produce something this terrifying.


Source: Instagram | @theblonderunner

3. That brush belongs in the garbage

Together with, whatever that is.


Source: Imgur | Svenry

4. That why I take my coffee black

Not even spiders like darkness.


Source: Reddit | Fingalien

5. Whoever designed this is a genius

I mean how hard can it be?


Source: Reddit | mydiversion

6. Hopefully, this is just a really good name for your wifi.

Might wanna move to another neighborhood, just to be safe.


Source: Reddit | MrMegalodon

7. That is petrifying

Those kids are traumatized for life.


Source: Babble

8. Thank you, but no.

Please don’t do this at home. Just no.


Source: Reddit | ORamm

9. Next time don’t stick your hand in a dead fish’s mouth


Source: Reddit | staticjacket

10. Why are spiders everywhere?

I am not pressing anything.


Source: Reddit | spencecakes

11. This is a house you never want to visit.

I mean ever.


Source: Reddit | MormonCaenolestidae

12. Accidents happen

Seriously though, that is actually butt cream that she’s got on her face, so that’s pretty bad one.


Source: Imgur | sammydoom

13. Welcome to the future

I never thought I’d want to return to 2017.


Source: Reddit | Petaaa

14. What a cute snake

Looks like he is showing off.


Source: Imgur | babysaidmaybe

15. Oh, hi there.

I just came to visit you to see how you are doing buddy.


Source: Imgur | JeanSkyMan

16. Why does this look like a murder scene?

I would not take a shower here.


Source: Reddit
From: diply

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