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20 Absurd Makeup Problems Every Girl Hates

20 Absurd Makeup Problems Every Girl Hates


Most girls are very meticulous about the way they look. And the most common way to make sure that you look super pretty is applying makeup. It’s not a simple process, it’s more of an art form. It takes patience, dedication and determination, not to mention an intimate knowledge of thousands of cosmetic products, what they do, and how to use them. Suffice to say, you need to be prepared to give up a great big chunk of your time every morning in order to look fabulous throughout the day. Is it worth it? Weeell, yes. No pain, no gain, right?

But all that is the easy part, you see. Us, girls, we are faced with much more difficult, and a little bit absurd, problems when it comes to makeup. Here are 20 of the funnier ones, courtesy of Diply. Well, I say ‘funny’, but that’s only because it’s much better to laugh at yourself, than to cry…

1. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing

Yes, you love makeup. It’s awesome, it’s beautiful, and the more you cake on your face, the better, right? Wrong! The last thing you want to do is to make yourself look like a clown. Well, except if you’re actually a clown… Anyway, grab those wipes, and start anew, because when it comes to makeup, less is more.



2. Keeping it together

You would do anything to make sure the hours you spent getting ready are not wasted by having all your makeup smeared by the end of the day. And the solution for that is simple: copious amounts of setting spray!


Source: Instagram | @linzlikestoshop

3. When the past comes back to haunt you

The cringe is unreal when you see the crimes you’ve committed not only against fashion, but against sanity! What were you thinking?!


Source: Twitter | @FemalePains

4. Get your own!

People who can’t be bothered to go and buy some wipes don’t deserve freebies!


Source: Twitter | @marygracelane

5. Asking for trouble

Yup, and those three bags are just the essentials. You really don’t want to see how many bags it would take to pack all the makeup I own…



6. A moment of silence for our fallen friends

It’s not just a pan of makeup! It’s a treasured friend! The moment it shatters on the floor, your heart shatters as well!


Source: Twitter | @beauty_blabber

7. The struggle is real

*Whispering* Pssst! Hey, you! Yes, you. You got any more of that stuff? It was awesome, man, that was the best damn mascara I’ve ever had!


Source: Twitter | @LKbeautycos

8. If it works, it ain’t stupid

The last thing you ever want is to jeopardize perfection. So, sometimes you need to resort to less conventional means to protect it…



9. Expectation vs. reality

The only explanation for this atrocity is that the makeup “artist” forgot to put their glasses on…



10. Fascinating, do go on!

You can’t convince me to buy that foundation, lady! I need to buy food! Or do I…? Hmm…


Source: Twitter | @GlamourGoaIs

11. Swish swish

Why would you want to wear Hitler’s mustache on your eyelashes?!



12. You don’t rush perfection

It takes time, a lot of time, to look amazing, and rushing someone to do their makeup faster may only result in them making mistakes and taking even more time to fix them. It’s counterproductive, really.



13. Don’t ask stupid questions!

Because there are millions of products to apply! It’s not easy being beautiful!



14. Mistakes are costly

Oh well, guess I’m staying in for the night, because there’s no way I’m doing all that all over again.


Source: MTV

15. If only it was that simple

Imagine being able to magically apply makeup like this! It would save us so much pain, frustration, and torture!


Source: Imgur | taludex

16. Sacrifice needs to be made

And your hand takes the brunt in the war against (or is it for?) makeup.



17. Colour coordination

One of the keys when applying makeup is to make sure your face tone matches the tone of your neck. But sometimes you forget about silly little details, like your hands…


Source: Imgur | ELAYDE

18. False advertising

How dare they charge more than one dollar at the dollar store? This is an outrage!


Source: Instagram | @yuhgud

19. When you can’t even apply eyeliner, and there are people who create art with makeup

No matter how good you think you are, there’s always someone in the world a million times better than you.


Source: Instagram

20. Sharp and deadly

Sometimes you need to set your priorities straight. What is more important: having functioning hands, or super long and sharp nails?


From: diply

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