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11 Best Long Lasting Lip Liners For a Defined Full Pout

11 Best Long Lasting Lip Liners For a Defined Full Pout

When it comes to achieving a defined pout, long-wear lip liner is critical. A creamy formula and precise application determine a good lip liner from a great one. Lip pencils are supposed to give your lips a well-defined shape to make them look plump and beautiful. They also prevent smudging so that your overall look is flawless.

The great thing for pencils is their versatility; you can pair it up with your favourite lipstick for an ombre look, perfect a liner-gloss combo or fill it in to wear alone. Long-wearing formulas need to contain moisturizing ingredients, such as oils or vitamins, to help keep the product from flaking and moisturize your lips.

Below you will find the best lip liners that deliver a range of shades to match any skin tone, with bold and natural options available. Depending on whether you want to invest in a high-end liner, or opt for an affordable one, get ready to meet your next favourite staple product.

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