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9 Best Makeup Dupes [High Quality Minus the High Cost]

9 Best Makeup Dupes [High Quality Minus the High Cost]

It is always exciting trying out new makeup, knowing that you might find that one product that will make your routine easier. Expensive makeup is not necessarily better than drugstore, and besides, there is nothing better than discovering the best drugstore dupes to high-end products for half the price.

So many drugstore makeup products work just as well (at times even better) than high-end makeup products. Usually referred to as “makeup dupes,” what that means is that one product can be similar in quality and/or shade to another product for an affordable price.

I have found my must-have dupes for most makeup products over the years, and through trial and error, these one listed have remained as some of the best makeup dupes in my book. From duplicates for the Brow Wiz to the Luminous Silk foundation, read on to see the alternatives that I can not live without.

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