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Top Instagram Accounts Of The Best Tattoo Artists

Top Instagram Accounts Of The Best Tattoo Artists

Do you want to know who are the best tattoo artists to follow on Instagram?

Aren’t we all becoming more and more obsessed with tattoos every day? Is it just me or you also think the same? But, who can blame us after all? Different cultures and regions of the world used tattoos differently, making it a very unique thing to ‘wear.’ The word “tattoo” can be tracked back to the Polynesian noun tatau, which means “puncture, a mark made on the skin.” To mix tattoo color, urine was used sometimes.

To get a tattoo can be a very intimate thing to do and sometimes people choose very unexpected parts of the body to get one. When it comes to vulnerable places, a tattoo artist must often function like a therapist for their client. But in general, when it comes to pain, arms and ankles are easy, while wrists, lower backs, ribs, and armpits can be pretty nasty.

So, whether you’re considering getting a tattoo or not, let’s take a look together and explore some of the best tattoos these artists have to offer, serving as a major inspiration for people. Scroll down to view their Instagram account and if you find something catchy for your eye, share it with your friend too.

1. Lara Maju

You can find her Instagram account under laramaju. Her style and works of art are so cute and astonishing.

A post shared by lara maju (@laramaju) on

Source: Laramaju


2. Krissy The Butcher

She is an Award Winning Artist and TOTALLY worth checking out.

Source: Thexbutcher


3. Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy

Ok, do I have to say more?

A post shared by Bang Bang Tattoo (@bangbangnyc) on

Source: Bangbangnyc


4. Toni Dedai

Very very cautious when it comes to details…

Source: Lebende Legend Tatto Studio Bern

5. Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena

The perfect artist if you are interested to have a small but meaningful tattoo.

Source: Jonboytattoo


6. Lauren Winzer

Thinking of getting a colored tattoo… Follow her on Instagram: laurenwinzer

A post shared by Lauren Winzer (@laurenwinzer) on

Source: Laurenwinzer


7. Gabby Colledge

Art is long and life is short – kind of artist.

Source: Gabbycolledge


8. Sanghyuk Ko “Mr.K”

Very well deserved 406k followers… I’d give him more though.

Source: Mr.k_tattoo


9. Jess Chen

Poetry in bodies… Follow, follow quickly: _jesschen__

A post shared by jess chen (@__jesschen__) on

Source: __jesschen__


10. Tamara Lee

Black lines and vibrant imagery.

A post shared by Tamara Lee (@tamaraleedot) on

Source: Tamaraleedot

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