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Easy Home Décor And Remodeling Ideas

Easy Home Décor And Remodeling Ideas

All you sometimes need is a little bit of inspiration to get your hands into easy home décor and remodeling ideas! Where best can you find the inspo than scrolling down the internet.

There’s basically an idea for everything you might not have at home, and you want to make a little improvising! If you want to keep the projects on low budget, and waste no time, the ideas we have listed for you are just perfect.

Let’s go through some of the inspirational ideas we have outlined, and watch more in the video above!

1. Dish organizing idea

For the first organizing idea you will need six or more clothes hangers, depending how big you want the organizer to be! First thing you need to get out of the way are the metal hooks. Next, grab the stick at the center and arrange the hangers parallelly. For the last step, add the sticks to the sides into the little graved hooks which help keep clothes in place. After you get the first level all build, get the same number of hangers and add upside down close to the others you previously added!

Dish organizing idea

2. Makeup storage hack

Are you annoyed every time you open your makeup storage drawer, but you never do anything about it? It’s time to take action with only some jute rope lace and some pins. Add the lace using pins leaving some loose spaces in between for the products. Easy steps take you to great results!

Makeup storage hack

3. Cotton pads & q-tips containers

Don’t ever throw Pringles containers away one more time! You probably need some storage boxes so make those yourself by wrapping  the container in decorative paper, and cutting the bottom, and the center of a smaller container!  Now you’ll have everything in place and won’t struggle to find those anymore!

Cotton pads & q-tips containers

4. DIY Recycling flower plant home décor

It’s time to do some recycling using an old plastic bucket! Grab some wooden clothes clips, break into pieces and add all around the plastic bucket using hot glue gun. Next, you’ll need some rope all wrapped around the bucket. Bring plants of your choice, and VOILA!

. DIY Recycling flower plant home décor

5. Magnetic picture hanging home décor

Let’s create a memory wall by adding pictures all around! First, get some paper clips randomly taped around the wall. Next, get the pictures with little magnets around the paper clips. The magnet will keep the pictures in place and your picture corner will look so cute!

Magnetic picture hanging home décor

What do you guys think of these home décor ideas and remodeling inspiration?!

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