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How To Determine Your Face Shape And Which Hairstyles Would Suit You Best

How To Determine Your Face Shape And Which Hairstyles Would Suit You Best


As we all know, there are probably millions of hairstyling tutorial videos to be found across the social media platforms. In fact, it seems they are lurking around every corner, offering heaps of advice and oodles of ideas on how to both make your hair look healthy and shiny and how to style it in the most gorgeous of fashions.

Can you see the problem yet? The problem is that there are so many magnificent looks that those beauty influencers on Instagram are teaching you how to achieve, that it’s almost impossible to choose the one, or ones, that would look best on you. Because it’s not just about going to the stylist and showing them a picture, saying, “I want that!” – you need to take into consideration that not every hairstyle looks flattering on every person.

So how do you choose? Well, first and foremost, you need to determine your face shape: oval, round, square, heart, or diamond. Don’t immediately say ’round’: according to our hair expert, YouTuber Ellebangs, around 90% of women think they have round faces, and in most cases they are wrong.


Elle is a professional hair stylist from the United States and in one of her videos she explains how to find out what face shape we have and also gives a few pointers on which hairstyles would work best for us.


Elle tells us to tie our hair back from our face and get in front of a mirror.


Then, with a dry erase marker, draw the shape of our face onto the mirror.


The ideal face shape, she says, is oval, because absolutely any hairstyle will look good on you.


The round and square face shapes mean that your jaw is about the same width as your forehead.


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The heart and diamond shapes have a more pointed chin.


If you want bangs, you need to choose wisely and according to your face shape!


Check out all of Elle’s recommendations right here:

So, did you figure it out? What kind of face shape do you have?

Source: Ellebangs

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