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Basic Hair Hacks You Never Knew

Basic Hair Hacks You Never Knew

There are days you wake up and everything feels wrong. Your hair, your clothes, the way you’re standing in the mirror…everything. But don’t let it get to you! There are hair hacks for every bad hair day: braiding hair at night by initially spritzing it down with water, or even making hair locks colorful with eyeshadow, there’s a style for every mood.

All you need for these hacks are some around-the-house items, or beauty products to get amazing results. A scroll about creativity and hair fixes is surely a nice one, don’t you think so?

Now it’s time to upgrade your hair game with these amazing, genius hair hacks!

1. Temporary hair dyeing

Dyeing your hair is a really daring decision, especially when you want not one, but three different colors in your hair! If you want a temporary test, you can use colorful eyeshadow hues by simply going through hair with your favorite colors.

Temporary hair dyeing

2. Hair defusing hack

Blow dryer diffusers tend to disappear every time, no matter what! If you don’t have one at home, but desperately need it, I bet you have a kitchen strainer sitting in your drawers. Get that and act like it’s the best diffuser you’ve ever had!

Hair defusing hack

3. Hair curling

There are plenty of hair curling techniques, with or with no heat. But, if you need one for very defined curls, then wrapping thin hair pieces around bobby pins, leaving it sit for the night, and undoing them the next day is what will guarantee you that!

Hair curling

4. Floral hair band

Got that broken hair metal hair band sitting around your room somewhere? Let’s bring life to it with some glued-down plastic flowers. Use colors of your choice, and shapes you prefer most!

Floral hair band

5. DIY hair bow

We cannot forget about DIY hair bows which add a pop of finesse to every cute hairstyle, especially the ones for little ones. To DIY a bow like this, bring some wooden sticks all arranged into cardboard, and then pull ribbon through all of them in turns (don’t forget to secure with clothes pins). Lastly, grab the ends and tie in the middle. Removing the cardboard, pins and the sticks will leave you with a lovely-looking bow!

DIY bow

Hope you enjoyed these little hair hacks, and watch some more in the video above to get all the inspiration you need!

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