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DIY Your Own Jewelry With These Jewelry Making Ideas

DIY Your Own Jewelry With These Jewelry Making Ideas

If there’s one thing that can truly make or break an outfit is the jewelry we add to the whole ensemble. Jewelry can surely add a boost to not only the outfit but also the whole mood. I mean, it sure feels good wearing your favorite earrings, or necklace, or complementing the newly done manicure with some pretty glamorous rings.

What’s better than buying new jewelry, it’s making your own by recycling products or even using old ones that might be broken or you don’t need. See below for a list of jewelry-making ideas you might need and find useful in your craft-making journey.

Jewelry Making Ideas

1. DIY Earrings Out Of Paper

Earrings are some of the best accessories, and while there are people who don’t really fancy them, there are others who don’t leave the house without a pair on. However, there are times when we can’t really find a perfect match for the outfit – in those cases, we DIY!

To make DIY earrings out of paper, as Crafts Unleashed instructs, you will need:

  • Thick Cardstock
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
  • Jump Rings
  • Small Hole Punch
  • Fish Hook Earring Wires
  • Craft Punches, Die Cuts, or Electronic Cutting Machine Images

What you should do is initially choose the shapes and the papers you’re going to use. You can get creative with the shapes you have, although you might have a limited number of them, you can still create unique earrings.

Depending on the shape you chose, create a hole for the fish hook and jump ring. The person behind this DIY created a triangle form, and they cut a hole within the triangle. It looked pretty cool, and the end product was really worthy.

For more instructions, head over to the original post here.

2. Epoxy Resin Pendant Featuring Flower Petals

What you’re going to need for this unique pendant is:

  • Silicone Pendant Mold
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Flower Petals
  • White Pigment
  • Stardust Glitter
  • Tongs

Spill the epoxy resin in the mold and distribute thoroughly, adding more as you see fit. Afterwards, using tongs, take the petals and place them in the resin. Let sit for two days, and put another layer of resin. Let sit and then remove the formed shapes from the mold and attach them to the desired necklaces.

For more instructions, head over to the original post here.

3. Clay Unicorn Earrings

Who doesn’t want a bit of magic in their ears!

When no store has unicorn earrings in store, go ahead and make your own.


What you need for these earrings is:

  • Polymer Clay
  • Fish Hook Earring Wires
  • Baking Sheet
  • An Oven

What you should do is mix various colors of clay to create an ethereal-like color. After you section the clay into two parts, roll each part into a long skinny tube and then intertwine them together into a spiral shape that resembles the horn of a unicorn, as seen in the pictures above. You can choose the length you find suitable. Using a toothpick, pierce the earrings to create a hole for the fish hook.

Don’t forget to place the baking sheet on the pan before putting the earrings in the oven for 15-20 minutes. After you remove them from the oven, let the earrings cool down and insert the fish hook earring wires.

4. Pearl Dangle Earring DIY

Pearls are always a good choice! So, creating a pair of pearl dangle earrings sure seems like a nice way to complement the outfit (and putting your creative skills to use).

So what you need for these earrings is:

  • Jump Rings
  • Jewelry Head Pins
  • Link Chain
  • Jewelry Side Cutters, Needle Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers
  • Pearl Beads
  • Ball Earring Posts

Begin by cutting two lengths of the chain, and then use the pliers to open a jump ring and loop the top of both chains through that ring. Afterward, attach the ring onto your ball post, and close the jump ring using pliers.

Place a headpin into the pearl bead and using round nose pliers, make the top of the pin into a rounded hook. Before closing it, attach that hook to the bottom of one of the earring chains so it dangles. Do this with the remaining chains and you’re good to go.

For full instructions, head over to the original post here.

5. Costume Jewelry Bracelet

This one is one of the simplest things you can make and it truly looks sophisticated. What you need is:

  • A Brooch
  • Fancy Ribbon

Choose a ribbon that’s a bit fancier than usual, made out of velvet or other thick fabric and place the brooch on that ribbon. Wear the ribbon as a bracelet, and it’s both fancy and low-key!

See the original post here.


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