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The Dubai Sisters Who Look So Much Like Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner

The Dubai Sisters Who Look So Much Like Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner,… basically, all the sisters from the Kardashian/Jenner household take the media attention with their gorgeous looks and amazing physiques and not only. Just lately, Kim, 37, and Kylie, 20, have been seen together at what appeared to be a photoshoot looking like twins while wearing skintight grey and black tops and leggings.

With their gorgeous looks, it would be no wonder if someone would want to look like the sisters (any of them). Would you be weirded out if I said that two girls, more specifically two sisters, have an odd resemblance to Kim and Kylie? Well, their names are Sonya and Fyza Ali, and they do look like the sisters from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

I mean, look for yourself:


Reportedly, Sonia and Fyza Ali are lifestyle bloggers living in Dubai and Kuwait. Although Twitter users have claimed that the duo went under surgeries to look like Kim and Kylie, nothing is yet completely certain.

Whatever the case may be, the resemblance is quite huge nevertheless.



Someone posted a picture of Sonia and Fyza with the caption, “This isn’t Kim or Kylie. This is scary lmaoo.” and the post received over 8,000 retweets. People on Twitter, then, started expressing their disbelief at this whole thing.

Someone said:

“I was trying to figure out what you meant when I realized neither of these ppl are Kim or Kylie 😲”

Another claimed:

“They’re even posing like them. They want to be them. They really look just like them lmfaoooo [sic]”

Sonya and Fyza’s Instagram profile has around 808k followers, and they continuously keep their followers updated with pictures and selfies of themselves.

Even in their pictures’ comment section on Instagram, many people have been referring to the sisters as Kim and Kylie.

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