This Man Illustrates What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship And The Drawings Are So Adorable

While we all see and read different stuff about romance and what it’s like being in a relationship, everything seems to be not realistic enough. Love is a beautiful thing, you get a best friend, a companion, a partner and a lover all in one if you are lucky enough to find somebody of course.

Although every relationship is different, people show affection towards others differently, this graphic designer is way too real when he shows how his life with his wife is. Yehuda Adi Devir, a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator and cartoonist has taken it up to himself to share how his relationship with his wife, Maya is. The graphic designer draws his everyday life with her, throughout the day, on special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays and they will make your heart melt (also want a boyfriend.)

For those who already have a significant other, these illustrations are simply relatable (not like I would know).


Anyways, here are some of the illustrations.


1.Proposing day.

man illustrates relationship drawings


2.Encouraging and being proud of one another.

man illustrates relationship drawings


3. The day after Thanksgiving.

man illustrates relationship drawings


4. This one is too cute to comment on it.

man illustrates relationship drawings


5. You should always stop and appreciate yourself.

man illustrates relationship drawings


6. Happy Anniversary.

man illustrates relationship drawings


7. Car rides are the best.

man illustrates relationship drawings


8. Excessive hair shed is real.

man illustrates relationship drawings


9.Comforting each other.

man illustrates relationship drawings

You can’t handle the cuteness am I right?


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What Yehuda expresses with his art is that love still exist. He is constantly posting new pictures on his Instagram account and while his posts get more and more attention, love and support, now he has an ongoing comic series called “One of Those Days.”

How adorable are these illustrations? Do you like them? If yes which one is your favorite?

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Source: Artinstic