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6 Meditative DIYs For The Holiday Break

6 Meditative DIYs For The Holiday Break

Creating something on your own it’s not only fun, but it gives you a fulfilling and satisfying feeling of knowing that you crafted up something out of “nothing”. For more, creative activities in general can help you maintain your well-being. According to a 2020 study, there is a connection between art and healing, resulting in reducing adverse physiological and psychological outcomes.

Therefore, let’s dive into a therapeutic session of crafting tiny masterpieces! We have gathered some precious meditative DIYs from different talented crafters that will help you with your next project.


Miniature Clay Charms

An avocado egg toast brought in the cutest way. All you need for this miniature is polymer clay and tools for cutting, creating details, and painting.


Got rightfully massacared over my last avocado toast. Is this redemption enough? Somebody please say yes I havent slept since that frightful day #polymerclay #miniatures #diycraft #art #miniaturefood

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

A Willy Wonka charm is one of the cutest crafts you can try next. Once again, polymer clay is used, together with other supplies for the wrapping part.


I’ve been working on this charm for the last week, you better notice this @willywonkatiktok Also tysm for 500k 🥺💕 #willywonka #miniatures

♬ Augustus Gloop – Danny Elfman

Paint n Pot

The best way to spend the afternoon is definitely decorating a flower pot. Paint and creativity are the main ingredients of this cute Paint n Pot project.


Paint n Pot kits are back in stock and the besssst way to spend an afternoon ✨🎨 #paintok #painting #arttok #crafts #diy #diydecor #plants #plantlover #fyp #creative #mindfulness

♬ original sound – audios

Craft n Store

The turtle jewelry holder will not only be a place you can put your jewelry in, but also a cute & eye-catching addition to your room. Creating such a unique piece is definitely worth it!


Responder a @>:) Hope you love this turtle jewelry holder🐢🤍 #handmade #clayart #diy #ceramics #turtle #jewelryholder #creative #relaxingvideos

♬ swing lynn – lovdfilmz

You don’t have to keep a bundle of ring boxes to store your rings. This rabbit ring holder is not only useful but also overly cute! Check out each step to see how it’s done! You might want to try it yourself later.


Respuesta a @ Rabbit ring holder for you💕🐰

♬ original sound – ASTN

Memory Journaling

Art techniques and positivity are what you will find in this creator’s profile. Her journaling and crafts bring a vintage and exquisite breeze. Below you’ll have the chance to watch a tiny journal-in-the-making out of a paper bag.


#Paperbag #journal #tutorial ✨🤎✨Whew! This one was #tough to do in the #time #allowed 🥴 #vintage#stepbystep#papercraft#asmr#craftasmr#paperasmr#asmrtok#spedupsounds#scrapbooking#journaling

♬ original sound – ✨The Vintage Journal✨

We hope you found peace and joy in these cute small meditative DIYs! Don’t forget to feed your passion for art and do something meaningful to you each day!

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live only as you can,” – Neil Gaiman.

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