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22 Stunning People With Albinism From All Over The World

22 Stunning People With Albinism From All Over The World

Albinism is a genetic disorder characterized by the lack of color in the skin, hair, and eyes. The person affected by this condition lacks pigmentation because their bodies don’t produce melanin. This chemical is what gives color to your skin, hair, and eyes and its absence results in extremely pale complexions. Albinism isn’t something that affects only people of certain ethnicities and it’s in no way dependent on the parents’ skin color.

Today we’re celebrating diversity by showing you these beautiful albino humans from different parts of the world, courtesy of Viral Thread.

1. Maschall from Germany

While people from the North are generally quite pale, being albino still sets this model apart from his fellows.


2. This albino child of East Asian descent

People born with albinism also experience problems with their eyesight. Their eyes are usually more sensitive to light and they sometimes suffer from exotropia or lazy eyes.

3. Diandra Forrest from the USA

The African-American model works toward spreading awareness about albinism.

“I realized I had albinism at the age of nine,” she shared on “I grew up in a family of five children, in which only my younger brother and I had the condition. As a child, I often felt out of place.

“I had neighborhood friends who asked my older brother if I was adopted. In school, or even on the train with my mum, there would be parents, adults, who stared at my brother and me and laughed at us. I didn’t understand why.”

4. David Guerrero from Colombia

David claims to be the first Colombian model with albinism.

5. This albino child from the USA

Look at this little princess with her fancy hair-do!

6. This toddler with albinism

This little angel has a cloud for hair!

7. Chihiro from Japan

Her white hair set her apart from the raven-haired people of Japan, but it was why modeling agencies were so drawn to her in the first place.

8. This model with a piercing gaze

Speaking of his gaze, you may have noticed that his eyes are brown. However, black albinos usually have eyes in colors that aren’t common for their ethnicity, such as blue, green, and hazel.

9. Azfar Firdaus from Malaysia

Azfar is a model, but he’s not just beautiful. He is clever too, as proven by his degree in science.

10. Narayana from Sakha Republic, Russia

When she was little, Narayana was surrounded by other kids whose hair was also platinum blond. But with the years, their hair began to darken, and hers remained the same.

11. This man from Venezuela

The lack of skin pigmentation makes albinos more vulnerable to sunburns and skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen at all times is very important in these cases.

12. This young girl

There is an organization called Albinism Europe whose main purpose is to provide a network of support for people with albinism.

13. Shaun Ross

The American model and musician Shaun Ross has been featured in photo-editorial campaigns in various fashion magazines, including British GQ, Italian Vogue and i-D Magazine.

14. This little baby

No one is born racist.

15. This striking model

We don’t know where this model is from, but we know that she’s absolutely gorgeous! Move over, Elsa, there’s a new Ice Queen in town!

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16. Yulffi White from Spain

Yulffi is a model whose paleness made him quite different from the rest of his dark-haired and tan-skinned family, but not less attractive.

17. Louise from the USA

Louise’s parents are spreading awareness about albinism by selling clothes bearing the message “Albinism is beautiful” via their website. This is what they wrote:

“Louise is a beautiful little two-year-old girl who has Albinism. Our mission is to inspire, provide hope and spread awareness about Albinism to anyone and everyone. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to different charities benefiting Albinism. All items can be custom-made to fit your needs. Just let me know what you want and I can most likely make it for you. Or, you can edit yourself! Happy shopping!”

18. This albino person of East Asian descent

As this is his engagement photo, congratulations are in order!

19. This pretty girl

The photographer chose a white background to emphasize the paleness of this model’s skin.

20. Man from Nairobi, Kenya

It’s not strange, just different. And different is beautiful.

21. Joe Winscom

Joe has recently started modeling and no doubt a promising career lies ahead of him.

22. Ruby Vizcarra from Mexico

Ruby knows that life is too short to spend it being insecure about your appearance, which is why she has learned to love herself just the way she is.

As we said, albinism isn’t limited to a certain ethnicity or a certain part of the world. Albino people can be found all around the world and they nothing if not beautiful.

Source: viralthread

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