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These Are The Snapchat Usernames Of The Entire Cast Of Riverdale

These Are The Snapchat Usernames Of The Entire Cast Of Riverdale

If you cant get enough of the Riverdale cast, then you should probably follow them on Snapchat. Seriously, seeing silly faces of Cole Sprouse and the others will instantly make your day better.

To help a fangirl out J-14 pulled a total Bughead and did some investigative journalism. Not every celebrity decides to slap all their info in their Twitter bio, in fact some of the actors have pretty unhelpful bios. Madelaine Petsch’s bio says “World’s worst texter” while Lili Reinhart writes “I take as many naps as I can.

When J-14 found the Snapchat names, of course, they had to share it with the Riverdale fandom. Some of the cast members don’t have Snapchat like Camila Mendes or Casey Cott but Ross Butler does and he’s pretty amazing.

Even though he is not a member of Riverdale cast, you can still follow him with the username: rossbutler.

Cole, Lili, Madelaine, Ashleight, KJ Apa, Hayley Law and Caitlin Markovitch are rocking it with different filters and shots of each other goofing around. Down below you have a gallery to see who’s on Snapchat from the cast.

Cole Sprouse’s Snapchat is amazing: olekingcole.


Lili Reinhart’s Snapchat is lilireinhart. She posts a lot from the cast.


Hayley Law goes by the hayleaul username. The singer/actress always looks fierce.


Csmarkovitch is the username of Caitlin. You can catch her hanging out with her fellow cheerleaders.


KJ Apa goes with the username kjapadwsole. Do you think he has a favorite filter? Go check it out!


Ashleigh Murray’s username is curleighq. While she is the star of the show, the same thing happens on Snap too.


Medalaine Petschu’s Snapchat is madelaame. Fans refer to her as the Queen of Filters. Clearly, this is why.


Seriously though, Snapchat is the best. We also love when the cast hangs out a post of each other.


Source: j-14

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