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DIY Sewing Ideas That Will Inspire You

DIY Sewing Ideas That Will Inspire You

Sewing your very own clothes yourself must be a really fun thing to do. You see a cool top which you desperately want, but to get that you’ll have to spend a fortune,  instead you sew it down yourself! In case you don’t have the right skills to do that, then in this scroll you can find some sewing ideas and basics you can learn. We’re telling you, you don’t need to be a pro to do these!

You’re a creative person, and you want to sew some new clothes for yourself. You don’t know how to start sewing? Well, these projects are easy to do and will make your life better.

We’re going to have some fun today, let’s get started!

1.  Orange mini skirt

To get this lovely skirt for you or even your little one, start by picking your favorite color for the fabric. Then, fold square-shaped fabric into four layers and after measuring the waist, cut around the top left corner in a circular shape. Get two of these, and put one over the other leaving the corners all around, and the waist area in the middle. Grab a smaller piece of fabric and an elastic band which is smaller than your waist to create the waistband. Bring the two parts together, and the skirt is ready!

Orange mini skirt

2. Floral printed skirt

Now, it’s time to make a floral printed skirt. Bring a squared-shaped fabric and fold in a triangle shape. After measuring the waist and the desired length, start cutting at the top corner and at the bottom following a rounded shape. Unfold the piece of fabric and bring the edges in opposite sides all the way to the middle. Add the waistband at the top. You’re going to look amazing in this lovely skirt!

Floral printed skirt

3. Elegant mesh shirt sewing

For this elegant mesh top, you’re going to need a mesh fabric with some cute patterns. Whatever colors you choose, make sure to create a nice contrast with the buttons and the belt. Start the process by folding the fabric into a square shape creating four layers. Next, cut around the top right corner which is going to be your neck’s size. Then, cut at the bottom following a rounded shape. Next it’s time to create the sleeves by doing a half oval cut near the right side and unfold the piece. Finally, add three buttons by the neck area and combine it with a belt. You just got yourself an elegant wrap top for that special occasion!

 Elegant mesh top sewing

4. Elegant long vest sewing idea

Always wanted that one-colored elegant vest, but never found the right one? It’s time you learn how to do it yourself in some simple steps! Grab a squared-shape piece of fabric and fold in four layers in a square shape AGAIN. Then, cut out the corners leaving a big rounded piece of fabric behind. For the next step you’ll need to pull the fabric in one side and create a half-oval shape cut and unfold. You just got that perfect elegant vest!

 Elegant long vest sewing idea

Will you guys be trying any of these sewing ideas? Have a look at the other ones in the video above!



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