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Travel Back In Time With Vintage Clothes & Makeup

Travel Back In Time With Vintage Clothes & Makeup

vintage makeup and outfit

Despite the many years the early age classics carry, their air of sophistication and elegance can still be felt nowadays. Timeless, authentic, and aesthetic, vintage outfits never fail to add a graceful and highly fashionable vibe to your look. From polka dot prints to dainty lace heirlooms, there are a lot of old-fashioned garbs to discover. Apart from vintage attire, uniqueness can also be celebrated through vintage cosmetics. Starting from their packaging, which was beyond beautiful, to the distinctive colors, there is a sea of products that are so aesthetically pleasing and exquisite.

Fortunately, some garments and products originating from a previous era have survived the test of time. Some have even transcended their era to make a statement in today’s fashion. So, why don’t we go back and travel through different years of vintage fashion and beauty? Carly Knight, a digital creator who is into vintage fashion & aesthetics, will lead you the way. Her social media channels are stacked with vintage vibes, which we will try to share through some of her posts.

Check out below some of her vintage masterpieces and enjoy her creativity!


Into Vintage Fashion

She brings 1950s vibes in the most aesthetic way possible. These are the outfits she would have worn to Vegas for a dinner date, to go shopping, to hit the casino, or to relax by the pool.


imagine how cool the city must’ve looked back then… #1950s #50sfashion #vegasoutfit #vintageaesthetic #HPSustainableSounds

♬ original sound – <3

Enjoy some of the 1960s fashion through these outfits for different occasions!


Words can’t describe how much I love the 60s aesthetic 😭 #1960sfashion #1960s #vintagefashion #ROMWEnextgen

♬ hot ppl r using my sound – aiyanna

Traveling back to 1930s fashion which brings to mind bias-cut evening gowns in liquid satins and silks and tilt hats or berets.


the dreamiest decade for fashion 😭#1930sfashion #1930s #greatdepression #fashionthroughthedecades #vintage #cashapp13plus #greatgatsby

♬ original sound – vintage

20th Century Glamour Cosmetics

As for vintage cosmetics, we have gathered some of the most unique products that radiate 90s vibes in all of their compartments. Each of them is a tiny masterpiece that makes you wanna travel back in time. Vulox Vanity, it’s your time!


Come antiqueing with me💖 #vintagecompact #vintagemakeup #vintagecosmetics #vintagestyle #vintagebeauty #vintageglamour

♬ As Time Goes By – Nancy Sinatra

Precious and unbelievably gorgeous!


1930s Evans Compact💓 I love all the compartments on this one! #vintagebeauty #vintagecompact #vintagemakeup #vintagecosmetics #vintagelook #1930s

♬ Small Fry – 1930s Music

Touching the precious memories of the past time through each of these products.


1940s Volupté Golden Gesture Hand Compact♥️ #vintagecompact #vintagemakeup #vintage #compact #vintagecollection

♬ A String Of Pearls – Glenn Miller

Exquisite packaging to feast your eyes on and unique shades. They would totally create the boudoir of your dreams. By storing old vintage items you are preserving precious moments from the past.

Hoping you enjoyed this back-in-time trip!

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