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Wall Painting Techniques For Interior Spaces

Wall Painting Techniques For Interior Spaces

If you feel like your living room or bedroom gives you off vibes, then try painting down your walls. With the various wall painting techniques that are available today, it’s not too difficult to completely transform the environment you spend most of the time in.

The list of painting techniques goes on and on, but you can pick the one that suits your living room best and recreate! This way, you will ensure to give the ambiance a fresh new feeling with some beautiful colors. Sometimes, it’s not just about the color you choose, but also about the pattern, so make sure you make the right decision!

The listed ideas below the scroll are nothing less than genius ideas to style up your walls!

1. Fishnet on roller painting technique

The first idea is pretty simple to do in some creative steps. All you need are some fishnets added into the painting roller, and start the painting!

 Fishnet on roller painting technique


2. Rope on painting roller technique

This time, get some rope and wrap all around the painting roller. It’s pretty simple to get creative patterns for your walls with just rope and a roller!

Rope on painting roller technique

3. Orange  wall painting technique

Painting walls using oranges sure sounds like a strange idea, but it’s pretty easy and leaves your walls with a beautiful-looking finish!

 Orange wall painting techniques

4. Tape around painting roller

Just like we did with rope, this time let us wrap the painting roller with thin tape leaving some space in between to create just the right design. Next, roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some work on your walls!

Tape around painting roller 

5. Kitchen smasher wall painting technique

The same kitchen smasher you use to smash potatoes, can be a great tool to give your walls a brand new touch. First paint the entire walls with one color, then dip the smasher into a different color to create a nice contrast!

Kitchen smasher wall painting techniques

With these ideas and wall painting techniques you will add a nice dynamic to your environment! Dressing your walls elegantly won’t ever be a problem after learning a technique or two. Find more of these cool ideas in the video above, and share the results with us after recreating!

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