Here Is What The Way You Sit Can Reveal About Your Personality

Did you know that a person’s sitting pattern can say a lot about his or her personality? Body language is actually a form of non-verbal communication, and this gives away what you may be feeling or thinking as well as what type of person you are.
Here is what different sitting positions say about your personality, courtesy of Meaw.

1. Position A

If you sit in this position you are probably a laid back person who is not very concerned with the future and doesn’t really likes planning. You are funny and no one can tell you how to live your life.

But, if you sit in this position that means that also you often drift away from reality and you may suffer from Peter Pan syndrome.


2. Position B

If you sit like this you a demure person who likes keeping ideas to themselves. Also, setting cross-legged might say that you don’t trust people that easily.

But, people who sit like this are great conversationalists who won’t judge you no matter what you say or do.


3. Position C

These people are full of confidence and are aware of their strengths and their weaknesses.

They love hanging out with other people and prefer to be in the spotlight.


4. Position D

If you sit like this you are considerate, nice and honest. You don’t mind telling people what you think but you have a gentle and soft soul.


Also, you love helping others and you love people unconditionally.


5. Position E

Those who sit in this position are motivated, determined and perfectionist who are very particular about the small details.

Also, sitting in this position shows that this person will keep your secret and carefully listen to your problems. They are highly capable of reading others but they do not reveal more than they want to.

Source: Meaww