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19 Practical Cleaning Hacks For The Laziest Cleaners


If you are not a big fan of cleaning, you are totally not alone. Cleaning is a mundane and boring thing for some, although some enjoy being the cleaning masters. And for those who need some hacks on how to easily make your place clean, here are some interesting tips. Sometimes, you can prevent the cleaning process entirely, if you know how something functions. Life is full of wondrous hacks, and here are some of the most useful ones.

1. Put rubber bands on your doors to prevent them from closing due to a draft.


2. Put a soft tab on your garage walls to prevent damaging your car’s doors.


3. KH7 and similar degreasing products can help you remove your child’s “paintings” from the walls.


4. To easily remove gum from your carpet, put an ice cube over it first.

hack 1

5. In order to fill holes in your walls, rub a bar on soap on them.


6. Rub your furniture with a bar of soap to make it shiny and glowing. Wow, soap is indeed magic!


7. Put a rubber band in a screw when screwing it down to prevent it from moving around.

hack 2

8. Stick tape bands on your walls with silicone when decorating to prevent paint from spreading on your walls.


9. Soak screws in nail polish to make them enter the hole easier.

hack 6

10. Spray machine oil or talk on the door hinges and you will hear no more squeaking.

hack 5

11. Stick a drop of silicone on the ends of the handles on your cabinet doors in the kitchen.


12. Put some talc on your door hinges to eliminate squeaking.

hack 8

13. To remove lime from your shower head, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure it over the head. Leave overnight.


14. Remove pet hairs from your carpets and sofas with a clean crystal brush.


15. Use wax crayons to fill holes in your wall.


16. Mix some lemon juice and fabric softener and use the mixture to clean hardwood floors easily.

hack 7

17. Wipe the dust off your TV with some lemon juice. This will prevent dust from accumulating on it for some time.


18. To eliminate odors in the microwave, put a bowl of lemon juice and powdered cinnamon inside.


19. Cut a lemon in half and rub it over every surface in your bathroom to eliminate lime, odors and bacteria.


Watch the video below for all 19 tips and then get to work on getting your house gleaming!


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