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Creative Dad Builds Son A Hand With 3D Printer, And Goes On Making Prosthetic Hands For Free


Dads have always been awesome, but it’s simply getting more and more obvious these days. And their way of parenting is beyond creative. Meet one-of-a-kind dad Michael Campos, 33, who learned how to create light-weight prosthetics for his son Carter, 4, who was born with below elbow congenital amputation. His son Carter asked his dad at one point for a new hand and his dad not only made his wish come true, but also started a project of helping other kids with prosthetics, too.

Last year, Michael, with the help of other volunteers, produced a prosthetic 3D printed hand for Carter that cost only $10 to build. Michael discovered e-NABLE, a volunteer group who create free schematics for the designs and after producing an adapter to help Carter learn to ride a bike, the dad started making more elaborate designs. And he has ever since started creating a lot more, inspired by Iron Man and Captain America, as well as a fidget spinner attached on the arm. Now the father-son duo work together for their company ‘Claws from Carter’, producing free hands for kids across the US and UK.


Michael’s son, Carter, was born without a right hand. His parents knew about this from his 12-week ultrasound. And, indeed, his life as a toddler was far from difficult. He would hold a bottle and put his clothes on his own, but his dad wanted to improve his life, and Carter asked for a hand, too.

Michael had no idea what he was doing at first. It was a long process of learning, trial, and error. It was good luck that he connected with e-NABLE volunteers, specializing in producing prosthetic hands.


Source: Facebook | E-Nable: Claws From Carter

Along with producing the hand for Carter, Michael had another idea. Realizing the hands cost between $10-50 to make, he and Carter started making them for other kids for free.


Source: Facebook | E-Nable: Claws From Carter

Their designs vary from superheroes to sports teams.

And here is the glow-in-the-dark fidget spinner to Carter’s latest design. So awesome!


Source: Facebook | E-Nable: Claws From Carter

Carter and Michael got beautiful and positive reactions, mostly smiles from the kids they’ve helped. The folks at e-NABLE had high praise for their efforts, too.


Source: Facebook | E-Nable: Claws From Carter

Their mission is not completed. They want to go on making hands for other kids and passing along their experience, too. This means that they are helping other families learn how to make their own 3D printed hands, too. So inspiring!


Source:Facebook | E-Nable: Claws From Carter

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