All The Different Uses Of The Holy Hair Straightener

All The Different Uses Of The Holy Hair Straightener


I think there isn’t a girl or a boy who hasn’t used a hair straightener at least once, be it only out of sheer curiosity!

I am a girl who straightens her naturally curly hair on a daily basis. Some people like me better with the curls, but I find that straightened hair makes me look more ‘neat’.

I acquired my first flat iron back in 2004, and from my research on the Internet, flat irons went ‘public’ in the 90s. Up to that point they were used in hair salons only, under the supervision of a professional hair stylist.

Some people use an actual flat iron for curling, and this trend became prominent in the last decade.

I tried to think of all of the things that you can affect with a flat iron. After an extensive research, I came up with this list!

1. Flat iron a wrinkled ribbon.


Source: Sew Many Ways

2. Your dolls are old and their hair is frizzy? No worries!


Source: Ep Bot

3. You can use it to iron on patches.


Source: Feeling a Little Lunchy

4. Don’t you just hate when you are ironing your shirts and there is no way to reach the spots between the buttons?! You can now do it with a flat iron!


Source: Real Simple

5. It’s good for wrinkled sleeves as well.


Source: Clementine Bean

6. While doing whatever you are doing with your iron, please check from time to time on gunk gathered there. Clean it!


Source: Melanie Olstad

7. Iron does magic, but her properties are sometimes limited too! Use a brush for your hair before ironing. It will ease up the process.


Source: The Beauty Department

8. I must not be the only one who had her ears burned 58 times by a flat iron!


Source: Salon Guys

9. De-fog your mirror with a hair dryer so you can iron yourself quicker and more efficient!


Source: Real Simple

10. Before doing curls, think of the kind of curl you want to achieve. Find the best method for it on-line!

Source: The Beauty Department

11. How many times have you ruined your carpet or washing machine with your iron? The Iron Holster is here to prevent you from doing that.


Source: Simple Sojourns

12. Or make a DIY protector!


Source: Creative Juices

13. Always use a heat protector conditioner before going anywhere near your hair with a flat iron!


Source: Allure

14. Investigate for the most fitting flat iron for your particular set of hair!


Source: Refinery29

15. Spare some money on a hair curler. Use your flat iron to make curls.


Source: Kourture Kiss

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