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These Manicures DID NOT Nail It


Nail design is huge lately, and people have been competing over who has the most amazing design, but some pushed it a little too far. Manicures exist as a beautiful addition to your overall look. They’re NOT supposed to make people squirm when you touch them.

These nails need to be stopped.

1. Why?

1. Twisted Nails

2. No, seriously, don’t touch me with those flea sticks.


3. Seriously, why? How do you touch stuff?

3. 53 Coats of Nail Polish

4. Have you tried to sooth an eye itch with those? Oh, THAT’S why you have an eyepatch?

4. Swiss Army Nails

5. That’s an ugly eye and it looks like a mutant spider.

5. Eye Opening Nails

6. There’s scrapbooking and handcraft for this, people.

6. Bedazzled Nails

7. Squirm.

7. Velvet Nails

8. So, accidentally standing on your toes would mean imminent pain.

8. Toenail Talons

9. Seriously, STOP.

9. Sea Creature Nails

10. How could this happen to us?


11. What did we do wrong?

11. Tentacle Nails

12. There are multiple holes in your nails.

12. Cheesy Nails

13. No.

13. Tetris Nails

14. I’d hate to break it to you, but that’s not how manicures work.

14. manicures

15. Neither is this.

15. 3D Jungle Nails

16. How long does it take to get this?

16. Long Nails

What ever happened to those times when red nail polish was considered brave? I mean, not to be a traditionalist, but can the world please take it down a notch?

Thank you.


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