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Mrs Doubtfire Children Are Getting Older, But What Are They Up To Now?


Mrs Doubtfire is a classic movie we fell in love many years ago, but whenever we see it again on tv, we sit down and refresh our childhood memories. It is a 1993 Amercian comedy-drama movie directed by Chris Columbus, based on Madame Doubtfire by the British author Anne Fine. First released in the US on November 24, 1993, it melted the hearts of all generations who fell in love with Robin William’s character of the disguised dad. Dealing with the theme of divorce and separation, people also loved the characters of the children who found themselves in the middle of their parents’ divorce. And their acting was impressive. What are these sweet children up to now?

Here they are, Natalie, Chris, and Lydia, the way we remember them.


Now that we’ve refreshed your memory about this wonderful movie, it’s time to find out what these characters are up to now.

1. Lisa Jakub


She was the stroppy teenager, Lydia, played by Lisa Jakub when she was only 14. The child actress was actually expelled from her school when she got the part. Later on, she enjoyed a teenage acting career, starring in Independence Day. However, at the age of 22, she gave up her acting career altogether and went to college instead. In 2005, she married Hollywood theatre manager, Jeremy Jones. Right now, Lisa works as a yoga teacher and writer, even penning an autobiography called You Look Like That Girl – speaker and yoga teacher. She has no plans of returning to her acting career.


2. Matthew Lawrence

Matthew Lawrence

He played the middle child Chris and was only 13 when the movie came out. The 37-year-old is also the middle child in real life, and his brothers Joey and Andrew are also actors. Matthew starred in a movie called The Hot Chick in 2002 and has most recently made appearances in his brother’s sit-com Melissa & Joey, between 2011 and 2014.

Well, hello there… No doubt he is handsome.


3. Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson

The adorable Mara was only six when the movie came out. You may recognise the now 29-year-old from Matilda, in which she played the main role. However, Mara quit acting in 2002 because it was not for her, apparently. She is now focusing on her writing – and has a storytelling show called What Are You Afraid Of?, which Mara plans to turn into a podcast. Also, her play Sheeple was performed at the 2013 New York International Fringe Festival. In the meantime, Mara works for Publicolor, a youth development programme which uses colour and design to help high-risk kids in their education.



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