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The 90’s History Is Repeating, These 15 Photos Prove It All


It’s true when they say that history repeats itself when it comes to fashion, because it’s all about the 90’s again. We are talking about the latest trends like chokers, high waisted shorts, cowboy hats, T-shirts with a knot in the front and Dc.Martens.

We will take some time to remind you of some fashion trends that you can add to your daily routine – if you haven’t already. Everything is very similar to what we wear these days. It seems like the 90’s are never going away. Check them out!

1. Rose-Patterned Dresses

Rose-patterned dresses always reminded me of my grandmother but clearly not anymore. This skirt is everything if you combine it well. So stylish!


Source: KMazur | Getty Images Instagram | @nicolealyseee

2. Dungarees

Dungarees were mostly for pregnant women. Now they are looking better than ever.


Source: Dennis Stone/REX | Shutterstock Instagram | @jumpsuits_and_overalls

3. Doc Martens

Doc Martens never go out of style and we hope they never will. They look gorgeous!


Source: NBC | Getty Images Instagram | @shannonsnow_sf

4. Black Leather Jackets

We are talking about leather jackets here. I am more than sure they will be always in trend because they give that extra something.


Source: Jim Smeal | Getty Images Instagram | @themonochromaticshoppe


5. Floral Skater Dress

It doesn’t matter what decade we are in, what’s cuter than floral print dresses?


Source: Ron Galella | Getty Images Instagram | @calliegirlboutique

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