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5 Types Of Oranges That Have Delicious And Unforgettable Taste

5 Types Of Oranges That Have Delicious And Unforgettable Taste

There are so many delicious fruits in this world of ours such as when we eat them, one associates them with heaven. Plums, bananas, oranges, apples – words are not enough to describe these resplendent and healthy fruits!

When it comes to oranges, it is believed that these fruits originate from Asia, but did you know that there are so many types of oranges out there? That’s why some of them, we are going to share with you today.

The vast producers of oranges in the world are Brazil, the Us, and China. But we can buy these succulent round fruits almost in every country around the world. Thanks to their large number of properties – oranges have found a wide application not only for a culinary purposes but also in the beauty industry.

Oranges are very healthy because they’re high in vitamin C and other nutrients. These refreshing fruits are very popular and they come in different types.

However, not all oranges are orange. Oranges that grow in warm countries are usually green in color. And they also may vary in taste, some of them are sweeter, while some others are more tart. Also, some vary in the thickness of the peel, while others have seeds.

In general, it is said that there are more than 600 orange varieties. But let us break down only a few types of oranges that are more common in the world:

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Types of Oranges

1. Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges were named after Valencia, Spain, and are quite popular in the world.  These oranges are usually available in March, April, May, June but you can also find them from July to October in grocery stores or even online. They have round or oval shapes, thin skin and usually come with a few seeds or without them. Their color is most of the time orange to yellow, but they can also come in green hues. They are perfect for orange juice as they have a balance of sweet and bitter which makes them perfect fresh drinks for summer. Valencia oranges are widely grown in Florida, US.

2. Navel Oranges

In comparison to Valencia oranges, navel oranges are winter fruits that are mostly available from December to March. Although they have a thick peel, they come seedless and are large in size. They are sweet in taste and succulent, that’s why they make a great snack to eat fresh or on a fruit salad. It’s easy to distinguish navel oranges in the market because of their shape. They look like bellybutton from the outside.

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3. Temple

These tangy oranges are mostly available from February to March. According to Hale Groves, they are a hybrid of an orange and tangerine. Just like navel oranges, due to their delicious taste, it is preferred to eat them fresh. This because they have very little pith, are easy to peel, and have a splendid taste. They usually come in medium size and have an orange color. Temple oranges make a great snack and are also rich in nutrients.

4. Blood Oranges

This is a unique variety of oranges that have gained wide popularity from Instagram lately.  Blood oranges usually have red flesh and are less tart than other types of oranges. They are mostly available from December to April. Some people even say that they taste like raspberries. They come in a smaller size than the usual navel oranges and they are also loaded with vitamin C.  Blood oranges make a beautiful and delicious addition to fruit salads and garnish but you can also eat them fresh.

5. Cara Caras

These types of oranges are believed to have developed as a cross between the Washington navel and the Brazilian Bahia. According to The Food Network, they were first discovered in 1976 at Hacienda Cara Cara in Venezuela, that is why they share the same name with the place. An interesting thing about this type of oranges is their flesh color and flavor. It is due to the antioxidant known as lycopene, that these types of oranges have a gorgeous reddish-pink flesh. These pinkish fruits have a sweet flavor and people often associate their taste with cranberries. They’re usually seedless and create delicious cocktails. Cara Caras reach their peak season between December and April. 

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