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Science Says Men Tend To Be Attracted To These 8 Traits In Women

Science Says Men Tend To Be Attracted To These 8 Traits In Women

I’ll start this piece of writing talking about how ‘perfection’ is so, very, subjective. There is no clear definiton of perfection, according to my point of view. It exists but in ‘subjective’ terms. It’s differently perceived through the eyes of each person. What might seem perfect to me, might not seem the same to someone else.

When we’re talking about relationships and partners, each has their own preferences. But when it comes to what people find attractive, generally, scientists have concluded eight traits that men are fond of in women.

1. The smile

A smile is the best accessory, people tend to say. And it’s true. Smiling can make people perceive you as more open, friendly, and more receptive to flirtation. However, men also tend to notice whether or not the teeth look healthy, for teeth imply good health and good genetics.

things that attract men

2. The eyes

Large eyes are said to be a turn on to men. The reason behind this is that when one is in love, their pupils dilate i.e, they look larger. And having large eyes gives one the perception of dilated pupils, and that’s something most people notice.

things that attract men

3. The figure

According to science, men tend to notice the ratio of the woman’s figure and not the overall size. Research has shown that hips that are larger suggest fertility and that the ideal waist to hip ratio to men according to studies is a 7:10. But as I said, perfection is subjective.

4. The clothing color

Studies show that the color red suggests love and passion, so that’s what men tend to like. Black makes the opposite sex perceive you as intelligent and confident. However, nothing compares to feeling comfortable with what you wear, so I’d say comfortable equals confidence.

5. The eyebrows

When it comes to eyebrows, well-shaped ones help shape the face and make the eye area look better. Also, they tend to help in conveying emotions.

6. The lips

According to studies men are not that fond of larger, or plumper lips, as one would believe.

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7. The posture

Yes, the posture, as well, is one of the things among this list. According to science, a good posture is what men find quite attractive.

8. The facial symmetry

Facial symmetry is what men (and women) tend to, also, find attractive in their partners.

However, while science does say that these things tend to be more attractive to men, I still believe that what matters most or foremost is the personality. People need to start feeling comfortable with themselves and the way they look, finding beauty even in their flaws (because we all have flaws). As I mentioned, perfection is subjective. It is based on personal feelings and opinions. But, nevertheless, even if you do not have facial symmetry or large eyes, it doesn’t mean you can’t be considered attractive. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, after all.

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