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The Different Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair Health

The Different Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair Health

Aloe vera has been famous for its health benefits for so many years now. Aloe is also known as ‘burn plant’, ‘lily of the desert’, and ‘elephant’s gall’, and it has been used by people to help in treating wounds, with hair loss, hemorrhoids, as well as digestive issues, research suggests. When it comes to the plant’s medical usage, there are two parts of the aloe vera plant one can use.

The clear gel in the leaves: The gel is taken from the plant and is usually used on the skin to treat different skin conditions or burns.

Aloe latex: This one is the second substance produced by the plant. It’s the yellow pulp found under the outer part of the plant leaf. This one is usually taken orally to treat constipation, and it has shown to have laxative properties.


What are the benefits of aloe vera for hair health?

Research has shown that there are plenty of benefits aloe vera provides for our hair. Some of them include:

The beneficial properties of aloe vera give hair strength as well as the needed sheen.

Aloe vera is a good option when it comes to hair loss since it contains proteolytic enzymes that naturally stimulate hair growth.

It keeps the hair hydrated and it forms a layer over your hair this way protecting it from environmental elements.

It can reduce dandruff, due to the fact that it has anti-fungal properties.

Due to its anti-pruritic properties, it can relieve scalp itchiness and irritation.

It can reduce the redness caused by waxing and shaving.

It helps in restoring the pH balance of your hair.

benefits of aloe vera for hair


How to use aloe vera for hair health?

There are many ways one can use the aloe vera gel on their hair, some of them include:

1. Pre-Shampoo

You can use the gel extracted from aloe vera as pre-shampoo and this way it will function as a treatment in reducing buildup dandruff. It has natural enzymes that destroy the excessive dead skin cells and the fungus that leads to dandruff. Other reasons as to why you should use this gel as pre-shampoo are that it leaves the scalp’s pH level balanced as well as leaves the hair moisturized.

What you need to do is massage the gel into your scalp and leave it for ten minutes. Afterward, rinse before shampooing.

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2. Shampoo

The gel from aloe vera functions as a moisturizing shampoo as well. You can mix the gel with your favorite shampoo and you’re good to go. This way your hair won’t feel dry nor stiff.

3. Conditioner

Aloe vera has 20 amino acids. The products that have amino acids give moisture to the hair as well as condition it. You can purchase conditioners that have aloe vera as an ingredient already, or you can mix a bit of aloe vera gel with your favorite conditioner. It’s up to you.

benefits of aloe vera for hair


4. Post Hairstyling Serum

In order to get shiny and glamorous hair, many people use aloe vera gel as a post hairstyling serum. Simply take a pea-sized quantity of the gel and apply it over your hairstyle.

5. Split Ends Treatment

Mix aloe vera gel, lemon juice, and olive oil in a bowl until you get a runny paste. Afterward, apply it on your hair for 30 minutes. Proceed, then, to wash it off with shampoo and conditioner.

6. Detangling Product

Aloe vera gel serves as a gentle detangling product for your hair. According to research, you can easily make your own aloe vera detangler. What you need to do is take a spray bottle and mix, 8 oz distilled water, 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel, 1 or 2 drops glycerin, 1 or 2 drops essential oil and 10 to 15 drops of grapefruit extract.

7. Stimulate Hair Growth (Aloe Vera + Castor Oil Mask)

Aloe vera, as mentioned, is a good remedy to stimulate hair growth. Taking into consideration that castor oil is a good hair growth treatment, mixing it with aloe vera, which helps stimulate hair growth from the dormant hair follicles on your scalp, would prove to be an effective method.

What you need to do is mix 1 cup fresh aloe vera gel, 2 tbsp of castor oil, 2 tbsp of fenugreek powder in a bowl, until you get a consistent paste. Apply the mixture to the scalp and hair, while focusing on the roots and tips. Cover your hair with a shower cap and go to sleep with the cap on. In the morning, wash the mixture with warm water and shampoo and finish with conditioner. Proceed with this about 1 to 2 times per week.

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benefits of aloe vera for hair


What are the risk factors when using aloe vera gel?

According to Healthline, there is usually little cause for concern when it comes to using the aloe vera gel. Some people, however, are allergic to it. What you need to do about this is when you use aloe vera topically, you can do a patch test. Do this by rubbing some aloe vera on the inside of your wrist and wait for about 2 hours to see if you get an allergic reaction. Also, be careful in case you’re using hydrocortisone cream on your skin. If aloe mixes with it, then the cortisone amount absorbed by your skin can be increased.



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