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11 Best Liquid Highlighters For A Glorious Glowy Look

11 Best Liquid Highlighters For A Glorious Glowy Look

Quite possibly, you might have a pressed powder highlighter that does the jobs well. But wait until you meet liquid highlighters. They’re radiant, dewy, low-maintenance, and super blendable, making them the perfect pick-me-up product for any season and occasion.

Highlighters in a liquid formula provide that wet-looking finish that looks natural and wakes up your complexion simultaneously. They come as highlighter drops or cream illuminators, with different finishes depending on whether you like a subtle barely-there sheen or a bright glimmer.

The thing is that it’s versatile, so you can even mix it with your foundation for a dewy base. These are the best liquid highlighters—from drugstore to pricier options—pick and choose your favorite in the form of a cream, illuminator or highlighter drops.

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