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12 Fascinating Birth Flower Tattoos For Each Month Of The Year

12 Fascinating Birth Flower Tattoos For Each Month Of The Year

Deciding to get a tattoo etched onto your skin is a big deal, regardless of whether it’s your first time under the needle or not. However, if you are a tattoo virgin, the struggle is real when it comes to picking a design or even a spot on your body that won’t make you rAgret later.

Some of the classic tattoo ideas people have are important dates of their life, the names of their loved ones, Chinese-themed designs, or their zodiac signs. Speaking about zodiac signs, we have a better idea that will still represent your personality and the month you were born in, and at the same time, will look terrifically beautiful on your body. We are talking about birth flowers. Same as birthstones or zodiac signs, there are 12 different flowers that represent each month of the year. Not only they would embellish your body with their beautiful shapes and colors, but this would be a pretty way to honor the month you were born in.

Below we have provided you some of the most gorgeous floral tattoos around as inspiration. Enjoy!

Source: elph_hant


1. January

The birth flower of people born in January is Carnation. Carnations have a wide range of colors, and in general, they express love, distinction, and fascination. When thinking about how would this flower look inked, the picture below will prove it will be worth it.

Instagram | @area6tattoostudio


2. February

People born in February can choose between Violets and Irises. Both are beautiful and represent loyalty and faithfulness.

Instagram | @fatihodabas


3. March

The beautiful daffodils are for the March people. Based on the time when they bloom, daffodils represent new beginnings and happiness.

Instagram | @bryan.gee


4. April

According to Norse mythology, daisy is Freya’s sacred flower. Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, therefore, daisies of April are here to symbolize childbirth, motherhood, purity, innocence, and new beginnings as well.

Instagram | @ashleytysonart

If daisies are not your choice, the rendition of the sweet pea mixes floral with grit may be just perfect for you.

Source: taniastartattoo


5. May

The lovely, aromatic lilies are the birth flowers of people born in May. Lilies symbolize humility and happiness.

Instagram | @solovyovatattooer


6. June

If you were born in June, I hope you like roses (who doesn’t?) because that’s what your month has in store for you. There is a variety of colors, starting from the classic red which symbolizes love, yellow ones which symbolize jealousy and friendship, pink which are flowers of admiration, grace, and joy, white which indicate innocence and purity, and many other beautiful colors.

Instagram | @everpenayotattoos


7. July

July babies can either choose larkspurs or some waterlilies. Pink larkspurs symbolize fickle love, whereas purple ones represent first love. I guess that’s why the person below chose the second one as her tattoo.

Water lilies, on the other hand, grow in ponds, lakes, and edges of streams. Despite it, it catches your eye with its vibrant colors and beauty.

birth flower tattoos July
Instagram | @herdis_tattoo


8. August

August month is related to gladiolus flower which symbolizes strength and moral integrity. It looks like it can blend with your skin and impress everyone with its beauty.

birth flower tattoos
Instagram | @kaya_tattoo


9. September

September is known for Aster, which is a beautiful starry-shaped flower. They can bring delightful color not only to your garden in late summer, but also to your skin. Powerful love is what they symbolize.

birth flower tattoos
Instagram | @teresa_cuttoo


10. October

Marigolds, known for their powerful smell, would suit people born in October. These pretty flowers are part of the sunflower family and would look even more beautiful as a tattoo on your skin.

birth flower tattoos
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11. November

November babies’ flower is the hardest to spell of them all: The chrysanthemum. But no worries, you don’t have to include its name on your tattoo.

birth flower tattoos
Instagram | @rodrigosoutobueno


12. December

If your birthday is in December, you seem to have a variety of flowers to choose from, starting from Narcissus, hollies, and poinsettias.

The Narcissus was a very handsome young hunter in Greek mythology, son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Liriope. The flower itself symbolizes faithfulness and modesty.

On the other hand, hollies represent a happy home, while poinsettias represent good cheer.

birth flower tattoos
Instagram | @studiobysol


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